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Blueberry Ripple

Gnome Shell Themes by Padster
The Blueberry Ripple GNOME-Shell theme is based on the light variant of Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich"'s default theme "Holo". This theme has been tested to look good on most wallpapers, so don't worry :) The wallpaper is...
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May 19 2012

malys - glassArt + colors

Gnome Shell Themes by malys777
⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ [b]if you like my work, I'll be glad you will support me, thank you...[/b] [url][/url] ⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇⊆⊇ ► font "ubuntu light " can be easily changed in gnome-shell.css ...
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May 14 2012

Minty Fresh

Gnome Shell Themes by Padster
My new [b]extra[/b]-minty GNOME-Shell theme. Ideas and inspiration from Karmicbastler [url][/url] [b]Includes both GNOME 3.2 and 3.4 versions. To install, extract the zip, and use GNOME-Tweak-Tool to install which version...
gnome-shell gnome unix theme linux
May 12 2012


GTK2 Themes by elav
== English == ZukiTwo panel + Bluebird Gtk theme = ZukiBird - This theme contains support for Gtk2, Gtk3, Metacity and Xfwm. - Contains 3 background images for the upper and lower panel. == Spanish == ZukiTwo panel + Bluebird Gtk theme = ZukiBird - Este tema contiene soporte para...
unix theme gtk2 gnome linux
Jan 17 2012

Ambiance - GS. 2.0 Final (3 Variants)

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
Created this with an idea to have a matching shell theme for Ambiance, the default Ubuntu gtk3 Theme. I hope i could justify the effects and looks ! Toggle Switches credits to the creator of "Hope gtk3" by...
theme unix linux gnome gnome-shell
Nov 21 2011

Elementary Viper Luna - A Variant

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
First and Foremost, my heart felt thanks and gratitude to viper200 for allowing me to tweak his original post with the title "Elementary Viper Luna". You can get the original from here => Hence i...
unix theme linux gnome-shell gnome
Oct 23 2011

Metal X 1.4 (compatible with gnome 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
A metallic gnome shell theme for gnome 3. Please do let me know if you get any errors, i have only tried this theme on ubuntu and mint. Note: the download contains two packages one for gnome3 and other for gnome3.2 pls install the required one.
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Oct 19 2011

ElementaryViper Luna (3 & 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
I was just finding a way to improve on elementary viper before making it usable for gnome 3.2 when i caught a glimpse DanRabbit's Luna Desktop [link] so i decided to make this because i really liked how it looked. NOTE: this theme uses droid sans NOTE 2: to get this theme working with...
linux gnome gnome-shell theme unix
Oct 15 2011


GTK2 Themes by danito
Simple, usable, elegant and clean clearlooks theme. It's a evolution of my previous themes.
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Aug 12 2011

elementary Lion

GTK2 Themes by Dolsilwa
Here it is: elementary Lion 1.1 There are some minor bugfixes, and theme is more polished. Theme requires only Murrine! (like eGtk) It was designed to use with elementary-nautilus and other elementary software but it will look good with everything ;-) Like eGtk. It's just...
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
May 25 2011