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Various Gnome Stuff by dzupd
Borednomore 2.0.0b BETA release Borednomore is a bash script mean to be run in gnome based desktop tested in debian and ubuntu. Further testing will follow as this script is been written. please follow any questions or problems directly to my email This script by...
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Aug 03 2012

File-roller icons awoken

Various Gnome Stuff by leodelacruz
[b]In the images show compress and extract[/b]
unix extension gnome linux
Jul 26 2012

Akaardan-style Pidgin Status Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by Nortiprof
Akaardan-style Pidgin Status Icons Very simple icons for fellow Pidgin users with a taste for simplicity. There are only four different colours: - online - offline - logging in or out ...
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Jul 25 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
A simple radio streamming to internet based on SHOUTcast for Ubuntu or any other Linux distro ! Install: 1.unrar the achive radiobuntu.taz.gz 2.copy the folder radiobuntu to your home folder the folder radiobuntu (/home/your username/radiobuntu) and edit the following files: A....
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Jul 20 2012

choose your poison by mazur888 burg them

Various Gnome Stuff by mazur888
this is a modified original burg "radiance" theme. changed background, progress bar and some other visual changes after copy/paste run in terminal: update-burg and then run this command: burg-emu To test that everything is ok
linux unix gnome extension
Jul 13 2012

Nimbus - FBS A fluxbox style

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
A fluxbox style created to match the nimbus theme and icons... a wonderful theme that was one of my favs during the gnome2 days.... Love to relive that as a box theme ! hope you like this too !
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Jul 08 2012

Youtube search function for gnome shell

Various Gnome Stuff by rivetrik
a simple .xml file i have edited to search for youtube videos place in usr/share/gnome-shell/open-search-providers dont forget to restart the shell after installing the file!!! please feel free to comment if you have questions!
gnome extension unix linux
Jun 08 2012

Mintupdate Icon theme 7

Various Gnome Stuff by cmost
Add a little Minty pizzazz to your Mintupdate. Icon theme for Linux Mint, Mintupdate system update utility. To install, unpack the tarball somewhere in your home directory. Right-click Mintupdate in the system tray, select preferences and then choose the icons tab. Browse to replace each...
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Jun 06 2012

radiantFlux - A FluxBox Style

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
This is a flux box style... thank you for preview / download. follow the download link for further details..
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May 31 2012

Awoken parcellite icons

Various Gnome Stuff by leodelacruz
Awoken parcellite icons (128x128) Include readme
gnome extension linux unix
Apr 13 2012