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AWN theme Into The Whiteness

AWN Themes by w0Rm210
No license, MOD IT UP! Feel free to repost your version. I made this to make it seem like it floats into the depths of the screen and that's exacly what it looks like :).
linux extension dock awn unix
Jun 08 2010

AWN Elegant Brit-like theme

AWN Themes by erikyo83
Awn (Avant window manager) theme inspirated to the elegant brit theme. All export option activated: contains Panel background colors, icons and tooltips, panel style & size, panel look refinements, extra options, configured effects
extension awn dock linux unix
Jun 06 2010

awn elegante

AWN Themes by nenelinux
My new version of awn elegante compatible with awn 0.4.1 I hope you like it I used the ddakji-clear icon can you find here: the all the suggestions and critics are welcome :)
unix linux extension dock awn
Jun 05 2010

AWN CeruleanGlass Theme

AWN Themes by zima
Theme for Avant Window Navigator
dock extension awn unix linux
May 23 2010

MyRadianceForAWN theme

AWN Themes by ronin1170
Sorry for my english... Just an AWN theme whit a Radiance colors. For a better integration, i suggest to use "Panel mode" in the awn settings window.
extension dock awn linux unix
May 13 2010

Cloudor - AWN Theme

AWN Themes by MrMagical
A light theme for Avant Window Navigator with a matte look. You can easily change small things (the running app indicator, text colours etc.) yourself in the settings manager (Themes -> Customize). Please comment if you find a problem or would like to request something.
linux unix dock awn extension
Apr 29 2010

Dockling - AWN Theme

AWN Themes by MrMagical
This is a quite dark theme with some subtle gloss for Avant Window Navigator. It contains a custom `running app` indicator arrow which can be disabled in theme settings. Be sure to pick the version with the right size. If you find a bug, please comment.
unix extension awn dock linux
Apr 28 2010

"Symbols only" for AWN

AWN Themes by D3R0910
linux unix extension dock awn
Apr 27 2010

Oblique - Avant Window Navigator (AWN)

AWN Themes by albyrock87
A theme for Avant Window Navigator. Works better with compiz blur! :)
extension dock awn linux unix
Apr 21 2010

Cleanwhite AWN 0.40 Theme

AWN Themes by limewirefreeloader
This is my second theme for AWN 0.40. It was designed as a side bar, but is packaged as a regular dock to prevent a [i]really[/i] funky preview in the AWN theme manager. It looks good either way, especially with the flat and the floaty styles. My settings are shown in the third screenshot, with...
unix dock awn extension linux
Mar 31 2010