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GDM Themes by tw1ggz
Version 2.0 of my first Tech N9ne GDM theme. Built on Debian Squeeze using 1280x1024 resolution. Should work on all anything running GDM though. The first version can be found @
linux unix
Apr 26 2010


GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
Sun comes right in on my computer at times so I created this theme for a solution and hope it may work for others. BeiTanBro if you have not guessed stands for Beige, Tan and Brown. These are mid-range colors that work pretty well in bright conditions. Nice added change is Calendar contains...
gnome unix theme linux
Oct 05 2013

Win2-7(pixmap) mod, icons

Full Icon Themes by pouar
these are the icons for the Win2-7(pixmap)/satanic-icon-themes mod I made
unix linux icon-theme
Apr 18 2012

Black Beauty II

GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
One of the most colorful black desktops in Gnome returns with a second version called Black Beauty II. This is a more refined version, that is intended to be a little easier on the eyes as 1st version I made the mistake of using red for main text color. Red will only be seen on backdrop windows...
theme unix linux gnome
Aug 12 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
I thought might be nice to have a few more effects to this theme. Menu is now black to add more black to the Red and Black theme. Blue is the tip on the internet for you know it B.O.C! This is second to last theme as have arrived at the point I set out for. Same as last themes user can now...
gnome theme unix linux
Jul 30 2013


GTK3/4 Themes by BBOSAK2143
From the ashes of the ruins of Ambiance comes the rebirth. Witness a great new way to view a light theme. This will be like switching from black and white to color! Honestly, I never knew Ambiance looked so terrible. Settings are great and should show nice effects, however it does not....
linux gnome unix theme
Jul 29 2013


GDM Themes by tuxfanboy
That file is a GDM theme made for Linux OS. For now I tryed it on my Linux Mint 6 but because it is a Ubuntu fork it can work well on it and on all is derivateds and probably also in Debian.So if you'll try my theme send me your opinion!There's now the final theme.I removed the customized text...
unix linux
Jul 31 2009

aurora-borealis (Ubuntu)

Plymouth Themes by Brahimsalem
aurora-borealis is an Ubuntu bootsplash featuring a fading logo and a color-cycled background
plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen unix
Apr 29 2014

Panther OSX Windows with Colour

Metacity Themes by hobo14
A MacOS X Panther lookalike theme based almost entirely on the excellent Panther theme, September 12, 2004, by Pedro Lopes <> The difference between the original and my version is that the colour of...
linux unix
May 10 2009


GDM Themes by Skyline
This is my new GDM Theme based on Acemone [url][/url]
unix linux
May 09 2009