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Sense Gtk theme

GTK2 Themes by FelixH
A Gtk theme that makes more sense to me. I mostly hacked it together for my own use, but decided to release it. Maybe someone will find it enjoyable as well :P. It is low contrast and 100% gloss free. It has reduced padding and small icons to ease the strain on your screen...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
May 06 2010

Nautilus-MOD (deprecated)

GTK2 Themes by jecovier
all the changes in the nautilus-mod now are implemented in nautilus-elementary, with a lot of new options and tweaks from ammonkey, so you better get the new awesome nautilus elementary... the themes elementary-mod and osliner-mod still working with nautilus-elementary. thanks a lot to...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Apr 19 2010

BlackPup GTK

GTK2 Themes by dejan555
I originally made this for puppy linux because I wanted lightweight dark theme not dependent on many gtk engines (it's only about 3KB! :D ). It's inspired by Slickness Black theme and I used few buttons from that package:...
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Mar 11 2010


GTK2 Themes by querx
based on Murrina-Cream # unobtrusive # with slight roundness in menus # Icons: GNOME-Dust # Window-Border: ## Emerald: 11_Vista-ish ## Metacity: StormCloudRoundedSmall-1.0.5 / Homosapien # Console-Font: Consolas (Win7-Font) # Mouse: DMZ-Black - needs...
unix theme linux gtk2 gnome
Mar 03 2010

Windows Seven Tango Style

GTK2 Themes by moeenn
Tango Theme in Win Se7en Style -Metacity is EyeOS -Icons are Mist Tangofied
unix theme gtk2 gnome linux
Feb 14 2010

Archiplex-Blue Dark

GTK2 Themes by brainvision
[b]ARCHIPLEX-BLUE DARK[/b] a theme by [b]elleti.brainvision[/b] based on Archiplex by [b]pakos[/b] ( This is my first theme submission: a dark modification of [i]pakos'[/i] Archiplex, a very nice theme that I liked so...
linux unix theme gtk2 gnome
Jan 27 2010

elementary Compact

GTK2 Themes by MastroPino
This is only a revision of the famous elementary theme made by [b]DanRabbit[/b]. I modify the icons size, the scrollbar and the buttons dimension for fit into my Asus e³ 701 (7" 800x480). I hope that my revision will help every ppl that have a Netbook with a small screen. Please comment are ...
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
Jan 22 2010


GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter
Installation: simply unzip the file, then open up system settings > appearance > icons, add and select the theme, and hit 'apply'!
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Jan 22 2010

UniQ by Scnd101

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter
Not my art work. Minimalist Style for KDE4 Dependencies: qtcurve, nitrogen ===== UPDATED 091112 - Version 0.60 ===== Complete set of buttons on window border Install script fixes (Thanks to Symphion Gyan) Some new icons New wallpaper KDM theme (not finished, not included in install...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Jan 20 2010


GTK2 Themes by Fhtang
This is my first theme. =)
gnome gtk2 theme unix linux
Jan 03 2010