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Linux Mint Branded DMZ Cursors

Cursors by isylumn
Customized DMZ cursors branded with the Linux Mint logo. How to Install Linux Mint Cursors 1. Copy the theme under /usr/share/icons/ $ sudo cp -r new-theme/ /usr/share/icons 2. Select theme from Start>Settings>Mouse and Touchpad 3. Select cursor set on the Theme tab
spinner linux mint round unix cursor hand
Feb 14 2019

OSX Plank Themes

Plank Themes by nunezf
A dock theme for plank inspired from mac os dock. Thanks to fkorpsvart for doing a deep dive at planks code, these themes would be nothing without him. ##IMPORTANT## The themes that come here are...
plank linux mac macos unix themes dock extension
Nov 26 2018

Age of Systems - Digital Adventures GRUB2 Theme

GRUB Themes by ankalagon
This is a GRUB2 theme based on the game "Age of Conan". This version is made for a resolution of 1280x1024. I don't know how it will look on other resolutions. If requested I will try to make more resolutions. If you want another background image, just replace the background.png file with your...
bootscreen burg conan age grub grub2 linux of splashscreen unix systems
Dec 02 2018

Royale VSQ

Metacity Themes by dobee
Royale VSQ - Modified port of my Royale Vista II XP theme for Metacity --- -Includes port of Royale Vista II -Wallpaper Emerald Port: [url][/url] Original...
unix linux
Sep 22 2009

Humanfied Orbs

Metacity Themes by dobee
- Blended metacity theme with rounded buttons. - Designed to blend with most themes. - Includes Glossy Orbs versions. - Based on human and clearlooks metacity themes. -Includes rounded corners
linux unix
Sep 20 2009

Vamox project WIP

Various Gnome Stuff by vamox
Vamox is a redesign of a GUI. Final work for the La Plata University (UNLP), Argentina Design by Emiliano Luciani & DarĂ­o Badagnani Based on Ubuntu Linux
linux unix gnome extension
Dec 17 2008


GTK2 Themes by dobee
- Blended metacity theme for that unified look but without round corners. - Designed to blend with most themes. - Includes panel graphics. - Modified Murrine GTK theme Installation instructions -------------------------- Unpack archive, place the folders in...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Nov 10 2009