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Radio Server

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
Listen ON AIR music with your friends using Ubuntu Radio Server based on SHOUTcast radio stream server! Install de deb file using command line or gdebi! Before first run add some mp3 music in your home Music directory and click on Load Music to generate playlist! User login : admin Admin...
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 16 2013

burn-image shell script

Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
I wrote this simple shell script to burn easy an cd or dvd image without using other graphical tools or the commandline. Using zenity and notify-send will make it a nice look..
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 12 2013

Gnome-Pie Theme: Kiss

Various Gnome Stuff by dooblem
A simple and clean Gnome-Pie Theme.
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 09 2013

Ubuntu Robot

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
1. Download the script 2. Turn your speakers on and loud 3. Make the script executable (permissions tab) 4. Execute script! 5. Sorry if it was to loud! :)
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 05 2013

Zukitwo Chrome Scrollbars

Various Gnome Stuff by Diseant
Hello! I give you some new feature to your Google Chrome (Chromium or SRWare Iron) Web Browser. If you use Zukitwo theme and this browser, scrollbar doesn't look fine. So... I've made a simple file, what you must paste in your Google Chrome configuration directory...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 23 2013

enso [Gnome-Pie]

Various Gnome Stuff by zergpinscher
My little theme for the superb "Gnome-Pie". Optimized for round icons like [url][/url] or...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 20 2012


Cairo Clock by daja
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Nov 19 2012

Nestort Buuf-like

Various Gnome Stuff by nestort
This is an icon theme for Cairo Dock weather applet. Awesome original art by mattahan ( Arranged and modified by Nestort License: free for non commercial use (please contact mattahan for any other use) Version 1.0, 2010-10-12 Install...
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 12 2012

DockbarX: Windows 8 style

DockbarX Themes by Ambiance-69
DockbarX Windows 8 style. - INSTALLATION - To install it, follow those steps: 1-Download the file. 2-Extract the contents. 3-You should see a file named xfce8-1.2.tar.gz and xfce8-1.2_hor.tar.gz. Put them to ~/.dockbarx/themes. If that folder doesn't exist, create it.
dock dockbarx extension linux unix
Feb 19 2014

Ecliipse 4.2 GTK Themes

Various Gnome Stuff by amitg
I have just contributed my themes to one of the great theme contribution plugin from jeeeyul ( Please install the plugins and choose from `GTK Adwaita` and `GTK Zukito`. Enjoy!
extension gnome linux unix
Jul 22 2012