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Simple eGTK

GTK2 Themes by mojo2012
This gtk+ theme is based on the eGTK theme. I tried to make the theme a little slimmer (smaller icons, smaller widgets, ...) This is just another small step on my way to create an OSX like desktop. Though I have to admit that my Mac OS X 10.6 looks still much better ;-) Future...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Aug 14 2010

KDE Personal Touch

GTK2 Themes by moeenn
This is a Murrine Based theme for those who like KDE look and Feel..... Icon theme is Faenza..... Metacity is Tango.... Hope every one likes it .....
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Aug 10 2010

Arbeit AE Darker

GTK2 Themes by Dolsilwa
It is a little darker modification of Arbeit AE theme. For those who like it even more macish ;-) Enjoy! -Even more macish metacity! -Modificate as you like -Looks best with Faenza icon theme -Metacity works only with this theme unfortunately.
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Aug 09 2010


GTK2 Themes by fredbird67
This is my attempt to make a yellow version of the Shiki-Colors series of GTK themes, GNOME-Colors series of icon sets, and Arc-Colors series of GDM login screens and wallpapers. LOL Lemme know what y'all think. PS -- This might be a theme that a Pittsburgh Steelers fan would enjoy. ;-)
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Aug 07 2010

Arbeit AE

GTK2 Themes by Dolsilwa
New Arbeit theme. It is based on Arbeit Aurora but with equinox engine for buttons and murrine engine for tooltips. GPL licence - modificate it as you wish. ::Version with breadcrumbs is on DeviantArt - second link:: - It needs engines Aurora, Equinox ad Murrine - Looks best with Feanza...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Aug 04 2010

TerraNova (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy
TerraNova! ********** Screenshots *************** #1 = AQUARIUS style #2 = CANDY style #3 = CLARIUS style Engine Options: *************** style = AQUARIUS # Widget style to use; CLARIUS, AQUARIUS or CANDY animation = TRUE # En/Disable Animations ...
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Aug 03 2010

Seeing red

GTK2 Themes by jazzerit
Here is my (very red) theme, which, whilst it may not be the best theme ever, is the first theme where I have changed the images, not the gtkrc file. It is a very heavily modified version of sen7's mira v2 theme (located here: [url][/url]). The...
unix theme linux gtk2 gnome
Jul 30 2010


GTK2 Themes by IamJustUs
Murrine and Pixbuff engines Inspired from a photo that captured me. (you will recognize it in one of the screenshots) Includes: gtk, openbox3, wallpaper Finally pleased with the end results, I wish you as much enjoyment using, as I had creating this theme. My thoughts on theme...
linux gnome gtk2 theme unix
Jul 27 2010


GTK2 Themes by Pakos
Yet another gray theme based on murrine engine. My idea was to make clean and simple theme so i hope you will like it. Emerald and 2 metacity themes included. Let me know here if you see some bugs or have ideas.
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Jul 14 2010


GTK2 Themes by jzhou
Breeze a compact theme. For rgba, few widgets don't work, though others are like a charm. Qt seems to be not supported well. This so nice a theme that only depends on murrine engine. Bugs free for daily use, better than darker themes that may cause eye-fatigue. To work with compiz and...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Jul 11 2010