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Mods for nautilus 3.4.2 for Ubuntu 12.04

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
I'm sure that not many of you know about this extension of nautilus file manager in ubuntu 12.04! Download deb from and install to your system! Then go to nautilus>edit>preferences>toolbar and check all butons in options! Enjoy! This is not my work ..jut want to make'it...
extension gnome linux unix
Jul 20 2012

Cairo dock for the damned

Various Gnome Stuff by paudelanup
A Theme for Cairo Dock, Inspired by Ubuntu Satanic Edition A Modification of Traditional Japan Theme
extension gnome linux unix
Jun 12 2012

visor pdf nativo para google chromium

Various Gnome Stuff by wish21
Utilizar el visor de pdf de google-chrome en google chromium, de manera facil y rapida
extension gnome linux unix
May 08 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by terminhell
Showing the world my love of linux, specifically for Arch. Anyone else with similar tattoo's?
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 20 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by someonefromouttaspace
I really miss the ability to hide unwanted entries in the applications overview. In gnome 3.0 it was possible to hide those entries via going into the fallback mode and use the edit-menues application but this no longer works since gnome 3.2 hence I created this mockup to illustrate how...
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 11 2012

Gnome-pie Minimalistic

Various Gnome Stuff by ochoadavid
Minimalistic and centerless Gnome-pie theme. Extract the folder in ~/.config/gnome-pie/themes and then select the theme you like in the gnome-pie preferences
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 14 2011

slim desktop manager

Various Gnome Stuff by Cope57
I am currently using the slim desktop manager instead of the default gdm. I also did not like the font and text style of the original panel that came with the slim log in screen so I created a different panel to better suit the default log in wallpaper. I am only offering the panel to...
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 11 2011

GLX-Cairo dock theme

Various Gnome Stuff by zelozelos
My desktop is all Cairo dock except for the background - of course. The 1st link is a package of my Cairo docks theme. The volume icon was originally found via Google search just re-made it and changed the eyes/mouth. The sword I made entirely, opens when there is trash in the trash can, and...
extension gnome linux unix
Sep 19 2011

80's Clock

Cairo Clock by bojangles
This is based on a clock I had years ago, the second hand was a thin piece of blue plastic - so the face of the clock constantly changes. I am using screenlets. To install this theme create the following directory under your home directory: .screenletsClockthemes Then unpack the...
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Jun 19 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by ingalex
[b]BURG-MANAGER[/b] -Installation and emulation of Burg -Setting default O.S., timeout, resolution and much other paramethers -Removing old kernel and related menuentry -Installation themes for burg (total 27 themes) -Removing Burg e restoring Grub -Boot...
extension gnome linux unix
Jun 13 2011