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e-ubuntu tweak

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Uhave2Pay4
sealex called, and i did it again, here `s the modified ubuntu tweak splash, fitting your elementary styled desktop. archive contains 2 versions a ubuntu tweak and elementary tweak (as the screenies show). enjoy! cheerz
gnome unix theme linux
Feb 13 2011

Elementary breadcrumbs-replacement

Various Gnome Stuff by Uhave2Pay4
hey folks, the new great elementary gtk+ theme has been out a few days ago. it is really sexy, but the new breadcrumbs bother me as well. so i took an old one (from this side i think, cannot remember the author:/) and restyled the prelight one. now it matches the viewswitcher perfectly...
unix extension gnome linux
Oct 30 2010


Gnome Shell Themes by escortgoj
I'm a big fan of Faience & Zukitwo gnome shell....astonishing work...thanks to tiheum & lassekongo83 respectively for their brilliant approach...;) Zukience Gotchi is a try to mix the general layout of Faience and the Zukitwo panel aesthetics...let me know if you like...
linux gnome gnome-shell unix theme
Nov 13 2011

Blasteran GTK Themes

GTK2 Themes by nerutwong
Blasteran GTK Themes: Collaboration of Mint-X, OSX Lion, Oxygen and etc. This theme tested only on Ubuntu 11.04 Gnome Classic. Sorry if my english bad. :)
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Oct 31 2011


GTK2 Themes by lukove
Hi. This is my first upload on this xfce-look page. This theme is based on next Lubuntu Gtk2.0 theme with name Ozone. I make small and big changes, add xfwm, panel and wallpaper.. I think those of you who like blue you are happy with my theme. This theme contanis...
gtk2 gnome theme unix linux
Sep 18 2011

Windows Colors Revisited

GTK2 Themes by fredbird67
OK, lemme try this again...for some reason, I posted this the other day, and then, last night this site went down and when it came back up, I noticed that my most recent submission was gone, so I'm therefore resubmitting it. This theme is dedicated to ex-Windows users as well as people who...
gnome gtk2 unix theme linux
Aug 17 2011

Work-In-Progress Themes

GTK2 Themes by Padster
So I have some themes I have been slowly working on, mostly ports from games :P -Luminos (the Xonotic GUI) -Mars: A Ridiculous Shooter [b]If you would really like this theme, to use it, or just because you think it's cool, post a comment, or download it if you're not a member. [/b] If I...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Aug 02 2011


Gnome Shell Themes by oberon27
This theme is compatible with GNOME Shell 3.0. You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier installation of themes. This theme is based on Adwaita-White theme with no-trasparency, soft shadow, dash (dock) without background and icons boxes. Info:...
linux gnome-shell gnome unix theme
Jun 24 2011

Murrine Unity Theme

GTK2 Themes by celticmusicguy
I created this theme for a couple of reasons: 1. I wanted to learn more about GTK and Metacity theme creation/modification. 2. I wanted to come up with a theme that was clean and simple but not too simple. After a couple of days of work, this theme was born. I felt like the name "Unity" fit...
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Jun 19 2011


GTK2 Themes by samriggs
This is the start of the new theme I am making named OldMedalSam. I finished the metacity file and artwork so I am uploading it.
gtk2 gnome linux unix theme
May 07 2011