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new shutter icon

GTK2 Themes by zapata333
Hope you like it and gonna use it :) Self-made of course
theme unix linux gnome gtk2
Jan 12 2011

Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes by bINX
The theme is very small, and very compact. The screenshots were taken on a netbook with a 1024x600 resolution. I included a shot of what the theme looks like when dark colors are used (You will have to set the dark color with your theme manager). Since this theme is based off the clearlooks...
linux gtk2 gnome theme unix
Dec 11 2010


GTK2 Themes by themster
This is a fixed up version of the panelless Murrina Relax theme done by uel
theme unix linux gnome gtk2
Nov 30 2010

Clearlooks Evolution

GTK2 Themes by mucas
Theme made with Clearlooks Engine with some tweaks. For use with Nautilus Elementary
unix theme linux gtk2 gnome
Nov 25 2010

Radiance gray flat

GTK2 Themes by Lazich
Based on Radience Ubuntu 10.04 Icons based on Elementary icons Update 20. November 2010. -Small scrollbar
gtk2 gnome unix theme linux
Nov 20 2010


GTK2 Themes by Smlymn707
Email me at Comments of praise or criticism are appreciated. ---Vote me up if you like, if not please tell me what is wrong and THEN vote me down.
linux gtk2 gnome unix theme
Sep 26 2010


GTK2 Themes by drsjlazar
Elfin2-mintfb is the default GTK theme for Linux Mint 6 Fluxbox CE. It is based on the Elfin2 GTK theme. [url][/url] The Fluxbox style design for this GTK theme is here:
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
Sep 21 2010

Ambiance cool

GTK2 Themes by stribianese91
My edited theme of FineryTheme. I have modify the panel: now it's more similar to default ambiance. The toolbar and the menu use less vertical pixel: for notebook widescreen or netbook it's fantastic! If you have installated the hydroxygen icons, you can try the hydroxygen mono dark: the panel...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Sep 12 2010

Gruppled Elementary

GTK2 Themes by gruppler
Just a hacked-together theme I made because I'm picky. The Metacity theme can be found here: [url][/url]. I've also included the direct link to the package containing this theme below. Engines...
unix theme linux gnome gtk2
Sep 09 2010

Murrine engine SVN Debian package

GTK2 Themes by dabang
Latest SVN Murrine engine, packaged for Debian Lenny (i386). If you need an amd64 package, please have a look at this post: I've just taken the Ubuntu sources and made a package for Debian. All credits go to the original author(s)! With this package installed...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Sep 09 2010