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gtk-jzintv (Intellivision Emulator)

Various Gnome Stuff by inameiname
I was looking for a simple Intellivision Emulator and ran across this; so I thought I would share. It is a shame it is not included alongside the other emulators for Linux. "gtk-jzintv is a GUI written around the jzintv Intellivision emulator. It includes the latest jzintv emulator and all...
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Aug 22 2011

WrapMenu plugin for Pidgin

Various Gnome Stuff by VaYurik
If the main menu is too wide and not fit in the window, plugin adds a new menu item – submenu ‘…’, which moves all not fit the main menu items. Install: 1. Download archive; 2. Extract files; 3. ./configure; 4. make; 5. sudo make install; 6. Start (restart) Pidgin; 7. Check ‘Wrap main m...
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Aug 09 2011

Banshee Notification Shortcut Key Script

Various Gnome Stuff by Senoculus
[b]History[/b] - Back in the day, gnome-do had a plugin that would show the currently playing track. It was perfect for finding what song was playing without interrupting your work flow. - Ubuntu 11.04 with the Unity search makes launchers like gnome-do less needed, so I had to find another...
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Aug 03 2011

Sinyster Package

Various Gnome Stuff by sinyster
Well first of all, my first package i want climb up, but because this site has benefited me a lot and I am proud to be part of it goes to good description of the package. This package includes two GTK 2.x these issues are the type of aero-style gloss, but in the end, it also has a theme EMERALD...
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Jul 19 2011

Flash Plugin Patcher

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaiRach1
Flash Plugin Patcher 1.0 by:Nikolai Rachmaninoff,Envied Ubuntu Group Description: Since the Ubuntu team has updated firefox to versions 4.x and 5.x, many users of the 64 bit version of Ubuntu haVE experienced different problems related to the flash video streaming. This script will solve...
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Jun 28 2011

Scribus 1.3.14 Installer

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaiRach1
program that brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp
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Jun 24 2011

zshrc - hardball's dark theme

Various Gnome Stuff by hardball
.zshrc provides colored prompt, some aliases, some zsh configuration and settings. [b]installation[/b] install zsh : apt-get install zsh yum install zsh copy zshrc in your home : cd wget -O .zshrc test : open a...
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Jun 22 2011

Gnome theme for Filezilla

Various Gnome Stuff by johonunu
Filezilla theme to match Gnome iconset. Extract folder to : /usr/share/filezilla/resources
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Jun 22 2011

Libre splash

Various Gnome Stuff by Gnom-IK
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Jun 08 2011

Gnome Tweak Tool Welcome Image

Various Gnome Stuff by someonefromouttaspace
If you like it you can move it to /usr/share/gnome-tweak-tool. you need to be root and you must overwrite welcome.png
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Jun 04 2011