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Chromium Browser Murrine RGBA (Mockup)

Various Gnome Stuff by JotamanX
That's a little mockup of Chromium Browser, with GTK-Engine-Murrine Transparency enabled (RGBA Support). I think it would be great, like on Windows Vista/7. I hope it will be possible in the future, by the Chromium Devs. What say you?
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Oct 10 2009

QIP smiles for Pidgin (kolobok smiles)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sb0y
Animated smiles from QIP IM ( for Pidgin messenger. Installation: 1)Download package 2)Drag'n Drop with mouse package on smiles list in Pidgin. CHANGELOG: 1 - first release 2 - a small bug fixing //change for 10.7.2009 3 - update regular.png on real QIP smile 4 - add...
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Oct 06 2009

emesene Live

Various Gnome Stuff by fredgomes10
Um tema para emesene baseado no Windows Live Messenger 2009 (A emesene theme based on Windows Live Messenger 2009)
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Oct 06 2009

Pidgin theme with avatars to the left

Various Gnome Stuff by homerj
I like so much Pidgin but I hate the avatars to the right. So I move them to the left. It runs with Pidgin >= 2.6.0. Just extract the file in ~/.purple/themes/ and then select the theme in pidgin's preferences.
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Sep 03 2009

Cairo Pies Package

Various Gnome Stuff by londonali1010
This is the package for the Conky screenshot at left! It contains the .conkyrc, the original script for drawing pies, and my modified version of said script. (Plus a screenie for you to use as a guide.) Many thanks go out to Brenden Matthews for his original script.
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Aug 28 2009

Stoner Edition Theme Pack

Various Gnome Stuff by StonerMan
Warning: This theme pack will conflict with the Ultimate Edition Theme Pack. If you have that installed then you will need to either keep it and pass this up or un-install it and install this one. I have not found a solution to this problem and will keep looking into it. Sorry for the...
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Jul 31 2009

Smooth Panel - Black

Various Gnome Stuff by b2bwild
Smooth Panel - Black. Rounded Corners. Resolution - 1440x42 Pixel Height 42 and 24 Pixel Don't forget to rate it, if you like it. :)
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Jun 28 2009

Soldier mascot for macopix

Various Gnome Stuff by untouchable89
Soldier from metal slug.
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Jun 24 2009

Bamboo Zen

Various Gnome Stuff by Zgegball
This a preversion a new theme. I publish it to have your advices and your suggestions to make a great theme The Wallpaper "Bamboo Zen" is from MissNysha: [url][/url] I think the final version could be darker.. (Gtk, panel..) What do think? light or...
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Jun 07 2009


Various Gnome Stuff by elav
Tema para SLiM Theme for SLiM
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May 06 2009