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Elegant-Gold & Elegant-Silver

Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A well balanced transparent shell theme with Gold or silver accents . Active hover and system buttons match "Adwaita"With Timed Transition Colors . Well it was created from Glass-Gnome :) Most of the modifications can be found here ...
linux unix theme gnome gnome-shell
Nov 11 2018

Dark-Glass-Pro & Darker-Glass-Pro

Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A Transparent shell theme compatible with "Adwaita" with Blue active hover and buttons . Reworked to go with the "Yaru" icon-theme. Original "css" is from Numix Gnome Shell 3.28 by jcarle with many modifications . assets are frome various sources...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Oct 25 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A Dark Glass Transparent Shell theme For Arc-Dark and Arc-Darker. Toggle Assets Reworked from Arc-Dark . Assets from Other sources "css" is Reworked from "Numix Gnome Shell 3.28 " by jcarle . Updated to work with the "Yaru" icon-set Updated with transition timings for "Ubuntu 18-10"...
linux gnome gnome-shell unix theme
Oct 23 2018


Gnome Shell Themes by Glayers
A transparent shell theme Created from "Dark-Glass-Pro " Created to reveal your desktop not hide it . "hints" are in a "read me" file in the theme folder . move to desktop and extract the theme to your home/.themes folder or as admin computer/user/share/themes. I have included the...
unix theme linux gnome gnome-shell
Oct 23 2018

PixelFun 2

Cursors by ainola
Low-poly old-school with a sharp edge. Currently this only ships with 20px and 24px variants due to the original source only distributing 20px PNG files. This cursor theme comes from by the author ZealKane. The project is...
unix linux retro pixelart green cursor 8-bit
Dec 08 2018

Griffin Ghost

Full Icon Themes by Shenron
Griffin Ghost is the most minimalistic icon pack available for Linux distributions. It looks different and it is totally inspired by its name. It is the most simple icon pack available and totally provide a simple look to the distribution. It has taken its base from...
unix linux icon-theme
Jun 09 2018

Blue lagoon plank theme

Plank Themes by madcap
aquaish theme for your plank dock.
dock extension themes unix plank linux
Nov 04 2018

No panel layout for latte dock

Latte Layouts by mapcode-mind
latte dock layout for a desktop with no panels. Put the file inside the folder `~/.config/latte/` and then right click on latte-dock and select layout `No bar`.
linux latte latte-dock dock extension unix
Sep 08 2018

Oxygen Remixed Icons

Full Icon Themes by alex-l
Oxygen icons with old Oxygen 4.6 folders plus different MIME types icons. Idea by Cristiano Bergoglio Realized by Alessandro Longo It includes Oxygen folder icons from: and most of MIME types icons come...
unix icon-theme linux
Dec 22 2017

New York at noon blue

Cairo Clock by RobotCopy
Time around the world Based on Liberty
linux world time unix extension cairo-clock
Jun 10 2018