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Double Commander Icon

Full Icon Themes by elmodos
Alternative icon for Double Commander 2010.08.12 - Update: new colors added
icon-theme linux unix
Aug 13 2010

Pastie & Parcellite Elementary Icon

Full Icon Themes by soA
This icon is for Pastie and Parcellite clipboard managers that fits with Elementary monochrome icons sit. Install for Pastie: - Unpack. - Copy (pastie.svg) to: ~/.pastie/ - Restart pastie. Install for Parcellite: - Unpack. - Copy (gtk-paste.svg)...
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 31 2010

Dark & Darker

Full Icon Themes by fredbird67
I was looking through DeviantArt to see if the GNOME-Dark and GNOME-Darker icon themes (gray and black versions of the GNOME-Colors series of icons) were still posted in order to recommend them to someone else, and I went to look for them and couldn't find them. Therefore, I took matters into...
unix linux icon-theme
Jul 27 2010

Gneen SVG Theme JoeyRex Eko-Flex-modded

Full Icon Themes by Padster
I really like these icons, by JoeyRex: [url][/url] I noticed that there weren't very many icons, so I modified his and added some to it. Suggestions, or comments? [b]The download doesn't work unless you click "click...
unix icon-theme linux
Jun 23 2010

Elementary Tray Icons 4 Pidgin

Full Icon Themes by afgomez84
Just a modification of Elementary Pidgin [url][/url] for the systray. Extract on /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray Enjoy
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 19 2010

Emesene Monochrome Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by 6Sero
Emesene Icon Theme, created for matching the Ubuntu Lucid Mono Light Icon theme. for instaling use emesene settings or manually extract de package content and move into /usr/share/emesene/themes
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 14 2010

Ubuntu mono dark - Gnome wise

Full Icon Themes by polveje
This is Gnome-wise icon theme with Ubuntu mono dark panel icons. Hope you like it!
icon-theme linux unix
Jun 12 2010


Full Icon Themes by LaGaDesk
This is a remix of icons for GNOME from the black-white 2 Neon, hydroxygen, Blended crystal, Dark Glass for gnome, Breathless and Mac4Lin icon themes, GNOME icon theme, openSUSE icons, PCLinuxOS icons, Mandriva and Ultimate Edition icons. The most of them you can find here on,...
linux icon-theme unix
Jun 06 2010


Full Icon Themes by charleswight
Color variations of mistEEk-3.1 icons. Enjoy! The base theme mistEEk, which is included in the zip file, is required by the other themes. NOTE: The packages contain svg icons. If you need png files, please run the script ~/.icons/mistEEk-{NAME}/ The script requires that...
unix linux icon-theme
May 16 2010

Pidgin monochrome elementary style icons

Full Icon Themes by herrgabriel
Iconset I made for Pidgin to fit the monochrome style elementary icons. Installation guide is in the .zip Hope you like it.
unix linux icon-theme
May 07 2010