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Bread Cursors

Cursors by KenVermette
Crisp crumbly hoppy buttery cursors for the bread lovin' pointer wiggler.
cursor unix linux
Sep 09 2017

HaikuHand reHash

Cursors by retardTonic
Updated version of this cursor theme: Ported from Haiku OS.
cursor unix linux
Sep 04 2017

Elementary GTK Icon Pack

Full Icon Themes by cybercop
Modified Elementary icons designed to be used in all GTK-based desktops. These icons are well-known of Xfce users like Elementary Xfce. The package includes: - Elementary Dark and Light - heavily edited original configuration of Elementary Icons; - Elementary Crystal (dark and light) -...
linux icon-theme unix
Aug 22 2017

Old office cursors

Cursors by jeanne-pontarlier
Steampunk theme of cursors around an old office. Two sizes: 24px and 48px The fine and perforated pointer is very precise, to do one pixel selections or writes. A little victorian girl help you, notify to you or forbbid to you. To resize or split your windows, office objects are used (paper...
cursor linux unix
Aug 11 2017

GTA : Vice City Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by kshitijsubedi
Inspired from Gta Vice city Game Menu ; Grub Theme to replace that boring plain Grub Menu; --- 2 Versions Available --- == With Icons == without Icons Your Choice Download as Requirement ###### INSTALLATION...
splashscreen linux theme unix cool bootscreen burg grub grub-theme gtavc
May 05 2018


Full Icon Themes by xeneloid
Fresh version of Adwaita for you!
unix linux icon-theme
Mar 21 2017

Elegance Colors

Gnome Shell Themes by satya164
Elegance Colors is a highly customizable chameleon theme for Gnome Shell. It can change colors according to the current GTK theme, current wallpaper (uses imagemagick to get color) or use a user defined color. Currently Elegance Colors supports Gnome Shell 3.6, 3.8 and...
linux gnome gnome-shell theme unix
Aug 20 2017


Full Icon Themes by n3bu
Mint-X-AbsenceOfBlue Iconpack It's my first icon pack mod, so please dont't hit me :) rather than that I like constructive criticism, so please feel free ... Also, it's not realy finished, but quite useful for my purposes (sometimes I think I'll work on it until the end of my life but now...
linux icon-theme unix
Sep 30 2016

Nimbus metacity3 theme.

Metacity Themes by ilar81
This is Nimbus metacity3. All needed packages for ubuntu(mint) and fedora is included. It work normaly with metacity3 or muffin window managers. But with mutter it work incorrectly. Also it support scaling. Original GTK2 version of Nimbus theme can be download here...
linux unix
Jun 03 2014

Numix Blue (GTK2/3 + Cinnamon/Xfce)

GTK3/4 Themes by amorpher
Cinnamon Shell, GTK2/3, Metacity, Xfwm, Xfce notify Full Theme. Fonts, Ivy icons (screenshot #1) included. Tested on GTK 3.14/3.16. //screenshot #1 fonts — Play/Terminus Re33 for Powerline Bold TTF
theme unix gnome linux
Jul 17 2015