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Numix Grey

GTK3/4 Themes by jarkamirov
Grey mod Numix theme for Ubuntu 15.04. Source:
gnome linux theme unix
Apr 25 2015

Russian ornament

GTK2 Themes by ZMA
Русский орнамент. Две темы GTK 2 + GTK 3 и 13 metacity. P.S. Там есть русская свастика. Это русский народный орнамент с каймы полотенца, Орловская губерния, 1872 год. Russian ornament. Two themes GTK 2 + GTK 3 and 13 metacity. P.S. There is a Russian swastika. This Russian folk orname...
linux gnome gtk2 unix theme
Sep 07 2015

Sphere for FBReader

Various Gnome Stuff by ZMA
Sphere for FBReader Mod. icon theme Calibre Set for Sphere 1.4 by potzblitz7 [url][/url] To install it, unpack it as root: /usr/local/share/pixmaps/FBReader (FreeBSD) It can also be as root (sudo nautilus or...
linux extension gnome unix
Apr 07 2015


GTK3/4 Themes by Mylesryan
Is Numix and Royal Theme, with metacity of OS X Yosemite, And scrollbars too.
theme unix linux gnome
Apr 05 2015

Raptor (Slickness remix)

GTK2 Themes by Eemo
WARNING - This theme is outdated and will not be updated any more. This underlies a lot of bugs, incompabilities, even if you're using an old version of GNOME or Mate. No GTK3 version. No Qt version. If you want to port it, you can without restriction. This is a remixed edition of ...
theme unix linux gtk2 gnome
Aug 31 2015

Dark Mint (plymouth theme)

Plymouth Themes by jsayol
Dark Mint is a theme for Plymouth, the boot splash tool for Linux. It's designed with Linux Mint in mind, but can be used in any installation that uses Plymouth. [b]How to install the theme[/b] Follow the download link to get instructions on how to download and install this theme
unix splashscreen linux plymouth bootscreen
Aug 15 2015


GTK3/4 Themes by beaumorris0184
If you've already seen/downloaded the Bambiance theme, than the only intro this one needs is that it's darker (and uses Yosemite buttons by default)... And your awesome for downloading it!!! If you haven't seen my other theme (for 14.10), then, shame on you... Properly reprimand yourself,...
gnome linux unix theme
Feb 18 2015

Red & Orange West + Multisized Version

Cursors by blue-dxca93
Downloads are with linking.Its like Try last link if problems occur, cause it points to google drive directly. The "original" theme base was maked by Kenneth Vermette in 2014 for kde5 and was named Bridge Cursor Set. However markitos 66 helped me a lot with symlinks and added...
cursor unix linux
Jun 24 2014

Minus Serie for Right Handed

Cursors by markitos66
[i][b]Minus Serie[/b][/i] are X11 mouse themes with available cursors size: 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. Available background color: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow. It consists of applying at transparent background, the Inkscape difference tool with respect to the images of the...
cursor unix linux
Jun 01 2014


GTK3/4 Themes by domenicocortez
Flatunity + Ambiance monochrome For Ubuntu 14.04 Flatunity: Ambiance monochrome:
linux theme unix gnome
Jan 14 2015