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Cursors by KuduK
Terranove By TYCUS Terranove X11 Mouse theme converted from Terranove.CurXPTheme with and refined with GIMP.
linux cursor unix
Jul 08 2010

Default Mod

Gnome Shell Themes by KEIII
[b]ABOUT:[/b] My alternative to GNOME Shell default theme. Include all the best of default theme. [b]INSTALLATION:[/b] 1. Install 'User Themes Extension' 2. Extract to ~/.themes 3. Open 'Gnome Tweak Tool' and select theme Arch...
gnome gnome-shell theme unix linux
Apr 01 2013

Hope gtk3

GTK3/4 Themes by grvrulz
This is the port of Hope gtk+ theme to gtk3. All credit goes to 0rAX0 ([url][/url]) for the beautiful theme. This theme is released under the GPL version 3 Ubuntu Unity and gnome3 fallback mode are supported now This theme works with gnome 3.2 now This...
unix theme gnome linux
Jan 05 2012

Extended Places Menu Extension

Gnome Extensions by petrakis
[b]Extended Places Menu Extension[/b] [b] NEW 1.5.4[/b] - SSH Menu added (ssh,rdesktop,putty) - fixed bookmarks support if bookmarks are hard-linked to external device - multi-language ready [b]TRANSLATIONS[/b] download the pot file and send the translations to...
unix linux gnome extension
Dec 11 2011

Window List Extension

Gnome Extensions by KurtRottmann
This Gnome Shell extension tries to transform the Application Menu to a window list. Tested in Fedora 16 and GNOME Shell 3.2.1 INSTALLATION: - Uncompress windowlist-02.tar.gz - Copy both directories to /home/yourname/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ - Restart the shell: ALT + F2,...
gnome extension unix linux
Nov 25 2011


Cursors by KuduK
Eclipse Original theme By J. Aroche For the conversion I used the program perl adds KDE4 Compatibility, and adjusts the individual pointer animations with GIMP and XMC plugin.
linux cursor unix
Nov 25 2009


Full Icon Themes by sora
[b]MAJOR THEME UPDATE[/b] After long time here you are a new major update of the theme. Too many changes to be listed, sorry!!! Hope you like it!!! Please report you feedback!! Thanks for comments, critics and download!!! Cheers!!!
unix linux icon-theme
Oct 25 2009

Envied Multimedia GUI Installer

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaiRach1
UBUNTU MULTIMEDIA SUPPORT INSTALLER 2.2 by: Nikolai Rachmaninoff,Ubuntu Envied Group This script will add Medibuntu repository and clipgrab ppa and will install the complete multimedia support. It will install: -Java Support -Flash Player Plugin -Gstreamer Codecs -w32codecs/w64codecs(It...
linux extension gnome unix
Oct 19 2011

GTK 3 Theme Template

GTK3/4 Themes by unkie
* Introduction * This package contains a gtk 3 theme template. I am not a themer, so if something is wrong, let me know! I made this since gtk 3 is quite new, and theming is not easy. This might make it easier for some people. Everything in the template path is public domain. The rest...
linux unix theme gnome
May 28 2011

LittleBigMod (RC1)

Gnome Shell Themes by txen
This mod is made for Gnome 3.4 and reached RC1 state. If you find gliches feel free to post them in the comments. I've only tested it on my laptop. [b]How to install[/b] Extract the zip-file and copy the folder "LittleBigMod" into ~/.themes/. Also install the font from the fonts folder. Now...
linux gnome-shell gnome theme unix
Aug 09 2012