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Grau GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by LegendaryBibo
A minimalistic GRUB theme with red and grey as its main colors. To install, just run the script with root privileges in a terminal and you'll be asked a few questions. Enjoy! :) If you have any further questions, first check the README, and feel free to ask me here. To...
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
May 11 2013


Gnome Shell Themes by oberon27
This theme is compatible with GNOME Shell 3.2. - unzip - Copy the theme Adwaita-white to ~/.themes/ - run the Gnome Tweak Tool - Configure Gnome Tweak Tool, in "Shell Extensions" enable "User Themes Extension", in "Shell" choose theme Adwaita-white Info:...
gnome gnome-shell linux theme unix
Dec 01 2011


GnoMenu Skins by nhianho
The name speaks up about how it looks. This gnomenu theme jibes very well with dark GTK themes like Atolm or Elegant Gnome.
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Jan 22 2011

matrix theme for grub

GRUB Themes by xalaros
A matrix-like theme I have created to use with Grub version 1.98+ (you can check your Grub version by running "grub-install -v" in a terminal). It is designed to look best in 1366x768 screens. To install, simply uncompress the file and run the "" script with root privileges. More...
bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
May 21 2012