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GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel
[b]VERSION 1.4.1 It has come to my attention that some older versions of the pixmap engine (like the one found in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx) have a bug that causes severe visual glitches when transparency is used in menubars. If your menubars and panel indicators are messed up, go to the Fixes page of...
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Jan 13 2011

Clearlooks Revamp

GTK2 Themes by zentili
After a so long and slow work, here we go. This version is very full of changes and improvements everywhere, I really can't list them all here, just know that every (and i mean *[b]every[/b]*) aspect of the gui has been considered, so enjoy it. Keep in mind that, by the way, it remains work in...
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Jul 26 2010