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Grass Panel 52

Various Gnome Stuff by Lizard
A Grass-Skin for Gnome Panel. To make it fit, set your panel Size to 52
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Apr 02 2009

Pidgin "Birdie" background

Various Gnome Stuff by jithu2k1
This is a background I created for Pidgin. I use a dark gtk theme and pidgin wasnt really blending into the whole schema of my desktop. Credits: I used the beautiful pidgin icons created by openartist Install...
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Feb 27 2009


Various Gnome Stuff by elav
Tema para Slim. Para instalar: 1- Descomprimir el archivo en /usr/share/slim/themes 2- Editar el archivo /etc/slim.conf
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Feb 19 2009

SLiM Wood

Various Gnome Stuff by SqdnGuns
An elegant widescreen (1680x1050) wood background. All I did was to change the background wallpaper that was the default for SLiM. Yeah, not to creative. I found the wallpaper @ the link below, =Oliuss has various sizes to fit right in with your...
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Nov 26 2008

OS X Leopard panel

Various Gnome Stuff by KingCam
I couldn't find one so I made one myself. Crappy preview image is crappy, see it in action:
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Aug 20 2008

Downloader 4 X (D4X) - Tango Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by mejogid
D4X (Downloader for X) is a very fully featured gtk download manager. Unfortunately, it intergrates very badly with gnome. I got slightly fed up with its ugliness (, and have done my best to improve that with a Tango theme. For installation...
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Dec 10 2007

Panel backgrounds

Various Gnome Stuff by umta
Various panel backgrounds for gnome-panel.
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Dec 03 2007

gnome color chooser

Various Gnome Stuff by BlSabbatH
After days of research, i've found an arch pkgbuild from an AUR post (thanks sooooo much Wolf! ) with relative source.. It is difficult to find this package in .deb or rpm, but it's quite impossible to find it from source! How you can see from the screenshot, this package is made by...
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Nov 04 2007

Rewind for gDeskCal

Various Gnome Stuff by moshi
this is skin for gDeskCal, a calendar for your X desktop. i did it, as i have not got Rainlendar running on my distro ... yet. required fonts: Hooge 05_53, Arial gDeskCal:
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Sep 25 2007

pidgin glossy theme

Various Gnome Stuff by zuhi
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Aug 20 2007