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light blue glass for Awn

AWN Themes by Wildstar
a simple blue glass theme for awn
unix extension dock awn linux
Jan 01 2008

AWN Theme

AWN Themes by Necsus
extension dock awn unix linux
Dec 21 2007

awn cool themes

AWN Themes by michelem
Here is some thmes I made for Avant Window Navigator
linux unix extension awn dock
Dec 20 2007

Snowing in AWN

AWN Themes by skavoovee
This is my first upload here & I want share this style for AWN. I don't know how make a theme.awn but this pic make the AWN look as xmas theme. Instalation: 1.- After download snow.png go to AWN properties an click on pattern tab. 2.- Enable this option and choose the pic snow.png where...
extension dock awn linux unix
Dec 14 2007

Shotglass Flat AWN Theme

AWN Themes by Anywhere
linux extension awn dock unix
Dec 14 2007

Night Red AWN Theme

AWN Themes by Jebediah
Pretty Dark and "mature" Theme that suits perfectly Dark Wallpapers, but looks also stylish on very bright and white ones. Made on Ubuntu 7.10 with AWN 0.2.1 Please Comment with Negative or hopefully even Positive critique. ^^
awn dock extension linux unix
Dec 09 2007

Curved Glassy Mint AWN

AWN Themes by McLovin
A curved theme for Avant Window Navigator to go with my Glassy Mint Emerald theme
unix extension awn dock linux
Dec 08 2007

Flat Out Lunacy AWN Theme

AWN Themes by Anywhere
OK, OK, Windows is not the most popular thing on a site like this. Still, there are some Linux users who want their desktop to look like Windows XP's "Luna" theme, whether it be for pleasing a new and shy Linux convert, or just because they enjoy the irony. This is a theme for Avant Window...
extension awn dock unix linux
Dec 06 2007

KRDC Applet for AWN

AWN Themes by Anywhere
Although I prefer Gnome over KDE, KDE's terminal server client KRDC has advantages over the tsclient program in Gnome. Specifically it allows copy and paste keystrokes between the local and remote desktops. This AWN applet is a hack of the "TsClient" applet so that it can launch sessions of...
dock extension awn unix linux
Nov 29 2007

Shotglass for AWN

AWN Themes by sabrebutt
Shotglass for AWN. White reflective glass.
linux unix extension awn dock
Nov 24 2007