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Bibata Rainbow

Cursors by Kaiz
[b]Bibata[/b] Cursor Theme with [b]semi-animated[/b] rainbow colours. This Cursor is built with [b][url=]clickgen[/url][/b] and render with the [b][url=]puppeteer[/url][/b]. [color=#ff0000][b]NOTES...
bibata animated xcursors linux unix cursor
Mar 30 2021


Cursors by 198761
monitors (For those with smaller resolution monitors see the xcursors pearlgrey:
xcursors xcursor hi-dpi hdpi crispy linux unix cursor
Mar 23 2021

Tumis 3d Crystal cursors converted for linux

Cursors by ru5ty
A windows 3-dimensional light blue crystal cursor set converted to linux/unix spec. 32x32 only as this set is pre win7, I wanted to keep it as original as possible so no resizing. This theme is already on but the busy cursor (which is pretty cool) was missing so this is the complete...
linux xcursors crystal nice unix cursor
Jan 25 2021