Transformation Pack to achieve a realistic Windows-like interface on Linux Machines.

You can get extra material at the following URLs:
- Icon theme :
- Metacity themes :

- Murrine Engine (GTK 2 rendering)
- GTK 3.16 or higher
- One of the following Desktop Environments or a derivative : Cinnamon 2.4+/3.0, Unity 7.x, XFCE 4, OpenBox 3, Gnome 3.6+, LXDE 0.8/1.0, MATE, Fluxbox

- Bugtracker :
- More material :


2 years ago

Hi CM,

Just dropped in to salute the advent of 0.8. I'm always happy to see the theme going forward. All in all, 0.8 is an important achievement.

Thank you



2 years ago

Don't just check. Post! Thank you.



2 years ago

Some serious thinking seems to be going on there about organizing the repo. I would say that the theme itself is more important than the slice and dice over what Git is capable of.
You can add a .iso archive as well if you want my opinion. Reason obvious. Ask ten people and you'll have ten opinions on how to organize it. Just upload it and let everyone organize it to his or her liking. Don't misunderstand me though. I value the effort over organizing the repo but ...




2 years ago

I understand your thinking. But the way the repo is set up now isn't what I intended. Now, with the help of Michael I can set it up like I would have liked to have it first.

I'm thinking on a rebuild of the KDE theme to include a panel instance, if you're interested in what could be new...



2 years ago

I'm always interested in what is new and your work is no exception. Obviously, Michael is a good advisor and more. Some of us might never go into the complexities of Git but for you, it might be the perfect occasion to get to know Git inside out. That kind of knowledge might come in handy for you in the future as well (e.g. in your career).



2 years ago

Upon reading Michael's suggestions, I have to admit that I was rather hasty in my thinking. All that actually makes sense to me now. I'm starting to get the hang of it. Git actually simplifies rather than complicate things and it's highly flexible as well. I was ignorant. That's all I can say.



2 years ago

Zerophase wanted menu more to the left; TechnoSparks wanted that other thing to the absolute middle. Done. That's repositioning to me. People, if any of you has an idea what would be nice and/or meaningful to include in 0.8 in order to bring it even closer to the "well-known", please don't hesitate and speak your mind. Further, if any of you was born with an artist's gene and created or think that can create artwork relevant to this project, please come forth! Thank you.



2 years ago

Zerophase wanted menu more to the left; TechnoSparks wanted that other thing to the absolute middle. Done. That's repositioning to me. People, if any of you has an idea what would be nice and/or meaningful to include in 0.8 in order to bring it even closer to the "well-known", please don't hesitate and speak your mind. Further, if any of you was born with an artist's gene and created or think that can create artwork relevant to this project, please come forth! Thank you.



2 years ago

Might not be a bug, but it sure does feel awkward.

Cant the titlebar text be at absolute middle, just like other stock gtk themes?

As always, this is a very great work! :D




2 years ago

yeah, I had fixed it but it looked even more awkward to me (?)

nonetheless, I'll include a fix in v0.8




2 years ago

No need to rush anything ;) Take your time. Also, Thank you for looking into this matter



2 years ago

Just wondering where the absolute middle is. I assume you have a sense of humor.



2 years ago

xD Oh what I didn't notice I actually wrote that. In any way though when writing I didn't actually mean of anything. What is it that you find funny though?

What I actually meant is absolute center.



2 years ago

Please take no offence. Fun is a paradox. My sister, who has a good head for mathematics, oftentimes just simulates amusement.



2 years ago

Also, my sister and I have different opinions on where the absolute center of infinity is. That's off topic. Let's just drop it.



2 years ago

Hi CM,

What's going on? Will there be a 0.8? When? Please just post a short word about what to expect and when.

Thank you!




2 years ago

I'm stuck at finding something else to include. It's sad when the only thing left is bugtracking :(

There will be 0.8, it's just the when that's bugging me.




2 years ago

OKAY. Please tell: what's that you want to include? Is it artwork?
If it is, please tell: what items specifically are you looking for? The answer to this is important to be of pinpoint accuracy. Just list it out. I'm sure we can find or create what you are looking for. And yes, do not ignore this post.



2 years ago

"It's sad when the only thing left is bugtracking"
It's not like, let's just hunt down those bugs and we're done. This project has to and will evolve, just like the "well-known" does.
I perceive the "well-known" as rolling release, in perpetual evolution and adaptation (UI and feature wise). The difference is that here, one has control over his or her system. Freedom of choice comes with a headache though, but it is still better than being spoonfed and said like: "no need to think, we'll take care of you".



2 years ago

Of course 0.8 (please don't rush it; give it time) and Makulu Aero 10 (it promises more than just Aero which is dated by my taste). The latter is off topic but worth mentioning nonetheless.



2 years ago

Hi CM,

If I recall right, you once said that you might also improve on the icon pack. Anything to expect in the near future? Some of my questions are just sticky notes. No need to answer.



2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

0.8 might be in the making right now. So if you have anything to say, just say it now!

Thank You All



2 years ago

Hi CM,

I suggest to test it on Mint 17.3. Also, Zerophase pointed out some warnings concerning some gtk which is going to be phased out in the near future. It was a while ago and I don't know whether the code has been updated or not. Not intending to be an annoyance. Please take it lightly. Thank you.



2 years ago

Hi CM,

Do you intend to include other changes in Cinnamon as well, or just the start menu little more to the left as desired by Zerophase?

Thank you



2 years ago

Current content. Done.


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