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/!\ I made a Buuf iconset for Gajim, to go with the GTK theme. You can find it here : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=103768
I also have one for Pidgin, here : http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=118412

Based on the buuf theme by fana-m (http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/buuf+icon+theme?content=44539).

Some icons from Nestort's theme ( http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/BuuF-Deuce-iconset?content=46201 ).

A very few icons come Buuf-Deuce theme by djaany (http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/BuuF-Deuce-iconset?content=46201). His theme has been really helpful to get the right icons name !

All icons were made by mattahan (http://mattahan.deviantart.com/), thanks a lot to him for his great work !!

Licence : CC By-Nc-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License)

If you find any bug, please report them, or even better, fix them and send the result :·D.

I'm open for donation, to pay Mattahan to do some more icons.I will update this description with a "Hall of fame" to thank donators.

Hall of fame:
Soham Pal, 3$
Chua Edward, 2$
Damian Velázquez Cafaro, 1.95$
Myself, 13.05$

Last changelog:

3.30 6 months ago

Buuf is back!!!
Various stuff, mostly to keep up with Gnome's new convention to name program icons as org.gnome.Name.png .


8 years ago

I have such a problem:
In midori borwser when loading a page, the corresponding icon that shows the process is of improper too big size (only a small cut part of it is shown). What can i do to solve this?




8 years ago

I'm sorry, I fucked up on this one ;⋅). It's pretty easy to fix (you just need to edit the file index.theme, and to change the only Fixed you will find to Scalable) and it will be done in next release, which should come very soon, since Gnome 2.30 is already out, and in ArchLinux repository ;⋅).



8 years ago

Thank you! I fixed it! Nevertheless your theme is great!




8 years ago

Thank you.
You can suscribe to the theme or become a fan if you want to get notifications about new update, and you can donate if you want to help me buy new icons from Mattahan (he is currently working on a new tab icon);⋅).



9 years ago

Hey, great job on this icon set! I just upgraded from version 1, and it's a HUGE improvement! I'm pumped.

I see you're taking some requests, so I thought I'd put in my two cents ...

First, the icons inside Thunderbird haven't changed! Firefox is all good, but strangely nothing has changed in Thunderbird!

Also, I see you have network-manager ... but DANG, I use wicd! Any chance of getting icons for that, or if not, do you know how to change the wicd icons to use the buuf?




9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.
For WiCD, I tried it, and the icon was not themable, so I looked for a bug on their bugtracker, and there was one !
I left a comment with a few hints on how to make it themable, and I subscribed to the bug, so I'll get noticed when they will make WiCD themable, and I'll work on it then ;⋅).

About Thunderbird and Firefox, I think they only use stock icons, and they don't allow theming for the ship-in icons. I'll make a bug report asking for that, one day ;⋅).



9 years ago

Howdy! Turns out there's a bug for Thunderbird too:
For some reason, while Firefox uses the chosen GTK theme, Thunderbird doesn't. So that's that.

I also managed a brute-force work-around for WiCD (my analitude got the better of me on this one ...): I just manually replaced the icons in /usr/share/pixmaps/wicd with the appropriately scaled buuf network-manager icons. Not ideal, because the WiCD tray icon shows a lot more info than nm (such as idle, transmitting, and receiving), but it's alright.




9 years ago

It's not that simple : both of these programs use some part of the GTK theme, but some icons are builtin and are not affected by any GTK theme.
It just turns out that Firefox need less specific icon, and therefore uses more the GTK theme. But just look at the «New window» icon in Firefox's menu : it is not from the Buuf theme, though it should be !
And the bug report you have pointed is irrelevant for two reasons :
- It is closed
- It is not on the official Thunderbird bugtracker, but on Ubuntu's bugtracker. And such a big issue needs to be taken care of upstream.

I didn't propose you this workaround because it will break next time WiCD will be upgraded. But you can easily make all the needed icons by combining the network-xxx.png (for send, receive or idle) with the nm-signal ones.



9 years ago

I noticed you already have icons for battery level and charging, how about one for when it's on AC without a battery? (I sometimes pull out my battery and just use AC when I'm at home)

I believe that is the only one in the entire battery status set that is missing...



9 years ago

I think this icon theme is actually the coolest in gnome-look..!It would be even cooler if you could add some more icons for the notification area like for pidgin,limewire,skype,rhythmbox(when paused)..Thanks anyway..




9 years ago

Thank you.
The rhythmbox icon will be on next release. For Skype and Lime/Frostwire, I'm afraid it won't be possible.
For Pidgin, I've just made a icon theme specific for this software, but I can't theme the icons in the icon tray yet.
So please join me to add (friendly) pressure on the Pidgin developers here ;⋅) :

I've updated the description of the theme to include a link to the Pidgin theme.



9 years ago

hey Jean,

remember we talked about gnote icon? if you don't i'll remind you, and add another request about goldendict.

can you please update the gnote icon to be identical to the tomboy icon?

also, there's goldendict (both are in the software center) which is a great alternative to stardict. could you make the icon the same as stardict only in yellow?

thanks in advance.. GREAT theme :)!!





9 years ago

I just did gnote icon, will be included in next release (just do ln -s tomboy.png ~/.icons/buuf2.28/128x128/apps/gnote.png if you don't want to wait ;⋅) ).
I can't do anything for goldendict, though, the icon is hardcoded in the application file :
cat /usr/share/applications/goldendict.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Multiformat Dictionary



9 years ago

In new Ubuntu 9.10 there is some additional icons for standart places like Music, Documents, Video etc in Places menu. Can you add something to you pack for replacing this icons?




9 years ago

I'll try to do so, if it is possible. I think it will not be too difficult, though.



9 years ago

can i ask for a songbird icon ?

great work




9 years ago

Well, of course, you can, but I'll need you to answer to some questions I'll send you via PM to make it work ;⋅).




9 years ago

Right now, I
- have no computer, my laptop's motherboard got broken. Luckilly, it was still under warranty. Still, I'm waiting for the consumer service to send me my computer back.
- am waiting for Ubuntu 9.10 to be stable to upgrade. I don't want to use an unstable OS ;).

But as soon as I'll get a computer of my own, and a stable Karmic Koala, I'll for sure issue an update as fast as possible ;) .

(And I'll try to get prepared from Gnome 3 :D)

By the way, I also plan to try to install ArchLinux as a complementary OS on my new machine, so I may add some ArchLinux-related icons, if I manage to get it working :D. ArchLinux does not seem very GUI-centric though, so I don't know if it needs specific icons.



9 years ago

great to hear !! Karmic Beta works great on my testing machine. the Released version is going to be awesome :)



9 years ago

gpm icons for the battery and bluetooth need updating to work with karmic.



9 years ago

some icons doesn't show up such as the ones under System and Places menus



9 years ago

My fav set, and is part of my setup for all my Linux boxes



9 years ago

hey again,

can you "paste" the tomboy icon into the gnote icon? they're practically the same, and i believe tomboy will be replaced in the future with gnote..

thanks again!




9 years ago

Could you just check the name of the icon for me ? Gnote will only be released in the next version of Ubuntu.
Just type locate gnote.png in a terminal.
Thank you :⋅D.




9 years ago

Oups. I thought the first message did'nt worked.


3.30 6 months ago

Buuf is back!!!
Various stuff, mostly to keep up with Gnome's new convention to name program icons as org.gnome.Name.png .

3.22 2 years ago

Updated for Gnome 3.22, and added a few things for Budgie, which actually benefited some other setups of Gnome just as well. For instance, if you added the Minimize button and Maximize/Restore button on the window decorations, it should now be properly themed like the Close button was already.
Also I can't find how to add a link rather than host the file one Gnome-Look ?!?

2 years ago

3.20.0 :
Fixing icon names to match new Gnome convention.
Added an icon for Polari.
Likely a whole bunch of stuff I forgotten about. Let me know in the comments!

3.10.0 :
Fixed the lack of speaker icon next to the volume slider.
Added a grid (for showing programs in Gnome-Shell and for Nautilus views) and a list (for Nautilus views), but I'm not very happy with how they turned out. How do you feel about them ?
Added icons for Gnome-Music, Gnome-Maps and Gnome-Tweak-Tool.

3.8.0 :
Added new icons for the new version of Gnome, mainly for the new settings and the new applications.
Added an application icon for Clementine.
Added complete support of Gtranslator :P.
I'm in desperate need for a headphone icon, now !

3.6.0 :
Added a few icons for the Gnome control center, and a bunch of new Ubuntu-specific icons.
Added a Quodlibet and a Exfalso icon

3.2.0 :
Added support for some icons new to Gnome 3.2, like online account (goa-panel), or removable media (drive-removable-media). And some icons from Nestort's theme, for instance for some games. And some stuff. Nobody cares about what I write in the changelog anyway.

3.0.0 :
I had the good surprise to see that Gnome 3 asked for very few change to the icon set. Basically, there was one new icon for the timezone setting. Gnome 3 also uses "symbolic icons", meaning monochrome, usually very simplified icons. I provide one version of the theme which identifies the symbolic icon with the corresponding normal one, bringing buuf colorful icons into the Gnome-Shell upper panel, and another one which do not provide symbolic icons, for people who wants to keep the clean white icons there.

2.32.4 :
Added support for lpi (Launchpad integration), Evolution-Rss, and a few application icons (including firefox-4.0).
Also fixed an issue with status icon size on old versions of Empathy.

2.32.3 :
Added a dexter icon. Fixed a bug with Gajim notifications.

2.32.2 :
Fixed a bug with emote icon size in Evolution when writing html message.

2.32.1 :
Added icon for Spotify, Dropbox, Audacity, Openshot and Postler. Reworked the Undelete icon.

2.32.0 :
The organization into folders changed completely.
Added icons for F-spot, for Ubuntu Messenging Menu and Me-Menu (cause they changed the icon name required for Me-menu status).
And a whole bunch of other stuff that I don't remember yet, I'll complete later... maybe.

2.30.3 :
Fixed a bug that made Empathy status icon in the contact list unnaturally HUGE.

2.30.2 :
New tab icon.
Icon for Chrome, Chromium and Midori.

2.30.1 :
Change of the logout and change user icon.

2.30.0 :
New icons for Rhythmbox and Banshee
Docky icon
Addition icon for GPM and encrypted network for NetworkManager
[edit]I forgot to update the download url. Sorry, guys. Should work now. If you see 2.28.2 in the name of the theme, then just download and install the new version.[/edit]

2.28.2 :
More nm-applet support (wifi strength, and connection animations).
One more icon for eog (slideshow-play)
gnote, gksu and lshw-gtk app icons.

2.28.1 :
Brasero is now completely supported.
Better Synaptic support.
Fixed Audacious 2.
And some other stuff I don't remember.

2.28.0 :
Now uses version number that matches the Gnome version for which the theme is developed ;â‹…).
Fixed some battery and bluetooth icon issues in Gnome 2.28.
Fixed fast-user-switch-applet
Added some apps icons.
Added some icons for the Ubuntu-specific notification system (though I hate it \o/).

1.7 :
New app icon : Stardict.
Some more mimetypes icons for Office (OOo and MSO) files.
The gtk-index icon from the GTK stock iconset.
No more useless icons.
Main new feature is still the .deb and the «themer» versions.
The themer version comes with all the stuff useless to a simple user, but which might be helpful for anyone wishing to modify the theme ...

1.06.3 :
New apps icons, including Nautilus (!). Partial support of Compiz-Config (ccsm).
I finally found how to replace that ####ing info icon !
Conduit full support (I hope). [edit]I've now fixed the stupid «Main program's icon missing» problem :·D.[/edit]
And certainly some other stuff I don't remember...

1.06.2 :
New status icon for Empathy are now also used by the fast-user-switch applet.
I don't know if I should keep it, because Pidgin don't want to use any other status icon than his very own !
Added icon for brightness stuff.
Added some apps icon.

1.06.1 :
Added full Empathy support. Give it a try !

1.06 :
Added Listen support, and a few other changes.
A LOT of cleanup, so their might be some regression on the older version of Gnome. Please tell if you find any !

1.04.3 :
Fixed Gnumeric icon and animations.

1.04.2 :
Added a few apps icons.

1.04.1 :
Added an icon for Skype, and fixed the History, Bookmarks and Lock icons for Epiphany.
And I guess some other stuff I don't remember...

1.04 :
Now compatible with Gnome 2.24.1 ! There are some changes in the icon that the theme use, a few improvement (especially the Edit icon with that Pen-on-paper icon ....), and I hope no regression, but I can't swear ...

1.03.9 :
Added some icons for the « computer:/// » nautilus special adress.
Changed Bluefish icon.

1.03.8 :
Added some real Rhythmbox support. I also noticed I forgot to include the mimetypes I should have in 1.03.6, so now, at last !, this presentation icon in Evince should work !

1.03.7 :
Added generic mimetypes, and a Add/remove software icon.

1.03.6 :
More mimetypes (BTW, Evince use one of these icons for the presentation button, it gave me a serious headache, and I consider filling a bug report about it), and power-manager applet icons.

1.03.5 :
Added some applications, one mimetype (lyx files), and some actions.

1.03.4 :
Reverted some change in index.theme, to look more like 1.03.2, since I did not expect a change in the folder's order to have such a big impact.

1.03.3 :
Minor change in icons, index.theme updated, last one did not include 128x128/status !

1.03.2 :
Added places/user-home.png

1.03.1 :
Fixed broken link by replacing absolute link by relative ones.

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