j mite

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Dec 25 2008
Scratch that, I found on the DeviantARt page where it said instructions are included with the package. Thanks! - Dec 25 2008
I see in the sceenshot that there are several different colors of folders here. How do I use those folders instead of the orange that's there by default, or is it not possible?

Also, on a note, in the above post, a CFL lightbulb is the curly energy efficient lightbulb, here's a picture: - Dec 25 2008
New Wave

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Dec 14 2009
I absolutely love this theme, I was just wondering, is there any way to have it based around a color other than orange? Preferably a blue or a green? If not, that's fine. Congrats again on the great work! - Dec 22 2008
Dust Blue Metacity

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Oct 24 2008
I love your theme! I was wondering how I might go about altering it so that the title-bar is transparent, like in the million vista mockups. I don't know much about theme writing, but I'm willing to dig into the xml file and experiment, I just don't know how to do that.

Thanks! - Dec 14 2008