Jamin Thornsberry Cookeville, United States of America
Minimal BURG Theme

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Aug 29 2010
You're welcome, but sorry, I don't think I can help you there. - Nov 14 2010
Hmm, maybe you have to update GRUB and BURG. Run "sudo update-grub" and then "sudo update-burg". If that does not solve the problem, post the output of the command "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg" so I can see what your config file is like. - Nov 14 2010
You have to run the command "sudo update-burg" to update BURG's config file. It should display the new theme in the themes menu after that. - Nov 14 2010
You are so very welcome. :D - Oct 10 2010

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by FLOZz
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Jul 23 2010
Is there any way that Cover Thumbnailer would try not to thumbnail every folder nautilus views? Whenever I view folders in nautilus, the cover-thumbnailer tries to to generate previews even if it is not the music or pictures folder, and the times that this takes can be aggrevating. I unchecked "Enable Cover Thumbnailer for other folders" under the other tab but that didn't change anything. Here be a screenshot: - Jul 23 2010
Mishi's Bad Application Zapper :)

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Mar 22 2010
I do inquire, it is a replacement icon for gnome-panel's force quit applet. - Mar 24 2010

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Sep 25 2009
With the new beta status of Google Chrome, the web browser is probably considered a major program for Linux now. Do you think you could add a Google Chrome icon?

Here's a nice one that I found: - Dec 23 2009
Loving the latest revisions! Do you think you could add AWN and AWN Manger icons, because the current ones look like large pngs that have just been scaled down to the menu size. Thanks! - Jul 13 2009
Thank you! You're upkeep of this icon theme is amazing. I have no idea how you do it. - Jun 16 2009
Wonderful work so far. I have no clue how you can update your icons so faithfully and constantly. Just curious, though, why did you remove the Midori icon? It now looks like a 48x48 icon scaled down to half that size. - Jun 16 2009
Finally, my boot splash won't be all stretched out! - Mar 19 2009
I love the new menu icon, but the disk manager still has the old one. The usplash looks great, too. I really think you should make it. - Mar 19 2009
Oh okay, that makes sense. I was just curious, though. I find it very elegant, and I'm not going to change it. - Jan 06 2009
This icon set is simply beautiful. A wonderful replacement for the default GNOME theme. But I'm just a little curious, why do you have the distributor logo as a windows icon. - Jan 05 2009