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Vibrancy Colors 2.7 Icon Themes
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Apr 21 2016
OpenDesktop decided to list this on KDELook on its own I never did this. I am sorry for the confusion. It is not for KDE yet. Mar 28 2017
Did you happen to install the theme Vibrantly Simple? because that theme is 50-70% Gnome on purpose.. Vibrancy Colors (This) is totally different.... Jul 09 2016
Majority of artwork is out of the Gnome Icon Theme? I am not sure what you are referring to. Last time I checked this was not the case. If you have common apps VLC, Firefox, so many more they should be themed. There are thousands of app icons here...

Gnomes Icon Theme is pretty basic from the get go. However as you install apps each apps icon created by the app developer gets installed in the Gnome Icon Theme or HiColor. Thats why we all base on the Gnome Icon theme at the very base level so we pick up the icons the app maker has created. Gnome Icons is a great base but the stock theme is basic.

That being said the whole point is to try to change up the look and make things pretty. There are exceptions some apps we can't theme because the devs or packagers hard link icons. or some apps are just weird.

I will have a look becuase 50-70% does not sound right to me. Not sure what distro you are on.

Anyway thanks I will check. Jul 09 2016
Hello thanks for the comment. Awhile back the mail icon used to be very dark until new mail arrived however many thought this did not look good. So at the current time in 2.6 the state does not change. However I think we could do something like make the icon brighter so I will investigate this. Thanks for bringing it up. Nov 20 2015
Thanks for the report on this. I am going to do my best to get it patched soon.

Update: We are working on our GTK GUI themes. But this issue is on our radar to be fixed next. Nov 19 2015
Thank you for your feedback. I had not considered this But I will take a look and see what we can do.

As you say we sort of assume Video files and Image files will be thumb-nailed for the most part. But I will see what we can do in differentiating them.

You make good points I will look into them. Sep 10 2015
Thanks for your feedback. I will do my best to get that in the next build. Aug 31 2015
Thanks man :) It means alot. We aren't prefect but we try to scrutinize and worry about even the little details. Perhaps it's a form of OCD not sure :D Aug 22 2015
Thanks for the feedback and ideas. I will be sure add Redshift and those other app icons to the list.

As for the volume/wifi stuff, the icons that we use like those in status and action are all sorta like that with a Gradient effect it is done so it will look nice and also show up on light areas. So that is unlikely something that can be changed in this theme. Without breaking lots of things.

That being said I am in the process of planning another icon theme project that may be like what you are suggesting. I am not sure how it will turn out. I of coerce will continue to be maintain/developing this theme to full extent as well. I am in the process of porting a load of theme to gtk 3.14 so I may be a litte bit :)

Thanks again for your comments as always. Apr 20 2015
The links are all on the unified download page when you click download if you scroll down, The reason we do it that way is so we can update just one page's links and so we have a better Idea how many users are using/looking at the theme.

But here is the Version 2.2 tar here: Apr 14 2015
Vivacious Icon Suite 1.4 Icon Themes
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Apr 25 2016
Hey Sadi! great to hear from you! Thank you for this. I have added thease to our list to have a look at for the next build.

We are working on GTK 3.20 ports of the GTK themes right now but after that I hope to do a big update for both icon themes. Thats the hope. So much to do so little time. Apr 30 2016
Hello. At this time we do not have anyway of doing a Deb repo. But we will continue to investigate one. if anyone wants to help who has one we'd love to hear from them.

At this time we have Deb Packages.
I wish we could do more. But Debain has not built out the PPA infrastructure they where toying around/talking about yet. Apr 15 2016
Thank you for the feedback. We are going to do our darnest to fix this very soon. Sorry about that. Feb 29 2016
Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

That issue is not happening on my Linux Mint Debian Install but it may be happening on reg Linux Mint 17.2 so I will check and see what I can do about it. It is basically the system is using the wrong icon it should really be using the symbolic.

Thanks again. Jul 20 2015
Thanks for the kind words! Love the username! haha. Jun 18 2015
Thanks for the kind words.

And I will definitely try to make that icon look better. I think it ended up looking a little jagged because I had to trace a png as I could not find a SVG for it. I will try to clean it up or do a new one. But I like that IceWeasle Icon better then the default one so thats why we went with it. Jun 17 2015
And thank you for your comment! Jun 17 2015
And Thank you good sir. Jun 17 2015
Alrighty. I have done an icon as a png again.


As it will take a little bit for it to make it in the public release. I am going to try to tune up quite a few things before we get to 1.2 Jun 14 2015
I recognize that wallpaper. :)
Yeah you got it no worries. Hope to figure everything else out soon. Jun 13 2015
Hello. Sorry for the delays. I was at work.

Ok I rendered two new icons let me know if any these look ok, The issue is making symbols clear when icons get really small I need to learn more about this as SVGs are a little new to me:

Spot Icons:

Also I am not sure how big you set your dock but if you set it to a even number like 32px, 48, 64, 96 etc it may help with the folder icons as well. Till we get a change to look at that. I am honestly not sure why they are doing that as they are clear on Cinnamon and Unity etc. Jun 13 2015
Thanks for the report. I will see what can be done. It sounds like Cairo does not like scaling the icons for specific colors of folders because they use PNG (Inherited from Vibrancy), They can be converted back to svg and I think we will do that soon. Cario Dock always had a few issues with PNGs. Other desktops do not seem to have a issue with the pngs otherwise.

The issue with the trash I am not sure why that is happening as the icon is SVG. I find using Gimp is best for creating pngs from SVGs all you have to do it right click the SVG and select open in gimp when gimp opens it will ask you how big you want to render the SVG you can type any size value click ok then export the image and make sure to name it Trash.png or something.

I have rendered some trash cans as PNG here: Jun 11 2015
Thanks for the feedback. I don't have or use spotify so I did not get to test that. I will address that in a bit. Jun 11 2015
Vivacious Colors GTK Theme 16.04.4 GTK3 Themes
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Jun 18 2016
I totally understand what you are saying. And I do agree there is a lot. But once you use this theme you will never need those other themes in your theme selector :P Just playing.

We have so much going on that we haven't had the time. It almost happed actually. But then we got hit with needing to add gtk 3.20 support like a ton of bricks :) I hope to do this soon though. What color do you think should be in that version? Apr 26 2016
Thank you for the support and understanding we are sorry about this. I truly wish it was as simple as 3.18 was to support/update to.
Apr 16 2016
Despite the version number being 3.20. (Vs. 3.18) Some nick name it "GTK 4" it essentially breaks everything from a theme and widget perspective and we have to re-write nearly everything. I am not sure at this point. We will do our best but it is going to be quite a bit of work. We just did a re-write. Ironically But Now we get to do another :) We are continuing to work on and look for the best solution. Apr 15 2016
Zukitre 2016.04.10 GTK3 Themes
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Apr 10 2016
Sooo Great to see you back! :) Apr 05 2016
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Mar 21 2016
Thanks for the kind words. I think to be "considered" more we need to start doing a single color version as well with spring blue but that just adds more complications for us but it needs to be done I am feeling. Perhaps we will do that soon. Its gonna be a pain for our packagers so I have been reluctant. Mar 24 2016
Yeah things are a bit messy for us right now. But we are working on brand new GTK 3 theme that will make updates faster, easier and make Gnome Shell work and look better. It's just taking all of our time. You know how that goes. Feb 24 2016
Cool. Very glad to hear it is working now. I saw the OpenSuse lizard in one of your screen-shots so thats how I guessed :)

Still working on improving things I am not sure what the random button cutoff issue is going to entail it might be a tough one as stock Ambiance has not fixed it either. Oct 30 2015
Thank you for the feedback on this. That issue you are seeing on firefox may actually be simply related to needing the "murrine" GTK2 Theme Engine installed Also install pixmap gtk2. Just search for it in the OpenSuse repos (I am guessing thats what your useing?)

The button sometimes cutt off issue is a known one I am working to figure it out it may require major parts re-worked and not useing outline images. Unless someone can figure out another fix.

Thank you again for the support. I am going to do my best with the time I get keep improving things. Oct 27 2015
Thanks for the comment.

At the moment we have Debs you can install manually for Debian/LMDE on the download page. (Pick the 15.04 version)

I am not sure how to go about making a Debian repository? I though they mentioned supporting PPAs one day but I am not sure.

I will have to do some research on this. And or see if the mint guys would be any chance accept us into their repo perhaps. I don't know how it works for Debian but we do not host a server so it would have to be somewhere else. Sep 12 2015
Thank you for the kind words and for reporting that issue. That menu problem on LibreOffice actually stems from a strange issue that Radiance has had for awhile I believe. But I hope to re-open and correct it if possible very soon. Aug 17 2015
Thank you for the screenshots. I now know what and where to look and fix. We are gonna be doing our best to resolve these issues on Fedora 22 & GTK 3.16. But our time is a little limited right now so if anyone feels like helping they can feel free. But I hope to get it sorted very soon.

Edit: the banding issue should now be fixed. :)

The Buttons are a deeper issue that stem from how ambiance draws buttons and how Gnome 3.16 decided to add new button sizes. so we have to go away for a bit and work like crazy to fix those I believe. The good news is one only sees those in a very limited set of places for now so they are more annoying then harmful. Jul 15 2015
Thanks for the heads up on this. This theme is written a little differently then others. Being based on Ambiance we are kind of off in our own codebase not based on Gnomes themes. This has advantages and disadvantages. We have had to go back and fix lots of things to make GnomeShell work this sounds like more weird stuff with 3.16. But it works fine on most other desktops so I am not sure. I will be investigating this and trying to fix. Sorry about that. But things seem to be working on Debian 8 , Ubuntu , Mint etc. Gonna do my best.

I am Gonna try my best to make GnomeShell work better on 3.16. Thanks for letting me know. I am just happy Debian 8 and 3.14 seems to be working we worked really hard to make that happen ASAP :) Jun 26 2015
Sorry for the confusion. Only GTK 3.10,3.12,3.14,3.16 and newer. 3.8 is not supported.

That version of GTK is from 2013 I believe. So we no longer maintain that. May 31 2015
Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look at doing this. May 30 2015
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Mar 10 2016
Thanks so much for your support and the comment. It Means a lot. We are working on a new theme I will look into adding full grey to that. And this if we get time to loop back around. The issue is we have to re-fabricate all the Checkboxes etc not just change a few color values.

As for the user. down-voting. It was happening with multiple themes. We had a long talk with them and they apologized and said they would stop so we forgive them. And hope things go back to normal. Mar 11 2016
GTX 0.9.1 GTK3 Themes
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Mar 10 2016
As Sadi said. It's great to see this theme continued. It's Off to a very great start! Mar 07 2016
Ambiance Crunchy 16.04.2 GTK2 Themes
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Nov 08 2016
Great work on the new version. Really happy to see! Feb 09 2016
Benoit! I am glad to see you back in action!

It's been awhile since we have last talked.

I hope all is well. I have been working away on 3 new themes since November 2014. It's really crazy time just flys never enough it seems.
Jul 30 2015
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Jan 24 2016
3.18? Already? Nice work.
You work super hard and do a great job with all your themes. Its Great to have people like you around. Nov 01 2015
Candra-Themes Gtk3.16 & Gtk3.18 GTK3 Themes
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Nov 11 2015
Nice work.
Sep 29 2015
Ambiance-Humanlooks GTK2 Themes
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Dec 22 2016
Hey greg did you manage to get MATE spaceing fixed? because I ran the latest build here and everything seemed to work/look good. Sep 15 2015
Great work as always!

I had a random Idea that it might be cool to do a version based on the slackware logo colors (Blue) Or Perhaps even the slakware teal they use in the installer. Not sure how it would turn out but just toying with the idea. Aug 19 2015
Raptor (Slickness remix) GTK2 Themes
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Aug 31 2015
I was in a similar situation awhile back. porting a custom theme to GTK 3 is no easy task. I had to discontinue work on the theme I had even created a brand new version that was awesome but it never saw release. Sep 01 2015
elementary lens - 1920x1080 Wallpaper Other
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Jun 25 2015
Welcome back! I missed you amigo! Jun 27 2015
EvoPop 0.1 Cinnamon Themes
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Aug 30 2017
Im likeing your work! all the best! Jun 18 2015
Dorian-Flat-3.16 01 GTK3 Themes
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Jun 10 2015
Stupendously done as always. Great work. Jun 09 2015
Paper Theme 2.1 GTK3 Themes
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May 25 2016
It's working for me, perhaps he just uploaded a new build. Apr 21 2015