darren moore snowy mtns, Australia
Conky lua

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May 03 2011
No ... i using Netrunner - kubuntu 11.10 64bit based.............very similar to mint.........but i think i meant conky - Mar 10 2012
how do i make it transparent so that wallpaper behind shows thru.......... using linux mint and i have a black box background

thanks DD - Mar 07 2012
Oriental Conky Theme

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Aug 20 2011
where is the conky? what is this. a theme for AWN or what - Mar 09 2012
Future Conky 2

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by mucas
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Jan 10 2012
Looks great, love this one.but no weather info.even with your HTTP left in there

Any idea - Mar 09 2012
Bionic Dot Conky

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by mucas
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Jan 23 2012
Also i just realised that Net (speed) doesnt is just a red circle and either on torrent or direct download there is no change
is there a fix ? - Mar 09 2012
heh great conky you made ............. im a bit of a newb..... other conks ive installed have scripts for do i install fonts!!!!!

also my temp says .... H -127 what have i gotta do to get temps

also when i installed it conky was in its own box - transparent but you could see the square border!

So i changed this line .. own_window_type conky
to this ... own_window_type override

now it is just a circle square window border !!

cheers DD - Mar 09 2012