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Gnome Shell Themes 27 comments

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Sep 11 2017
I think theme should be installed in '/usr/share/themes' so that any other user including root could be able to apply it. Otherwise the system will change it back to Adwaita or Windows 95-like GUI. - Nov 06 2015
I'm sorry but I have to say that I'm still lack of github knowledge. :| - Oct 25 2015

GTK3 Themes 183 comments

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Feb 09 2016
Alhamdulillah. Nice addition & thank you. - Nov 06 2015
That's the side-effect since both (dash show-app-menu icon in shell and view-as-grid icon in nautilus) have same reference. - Nov 06 2015
No. Show-apps icon does not refer to anything inside 'gnome-shell' folder. But it referes to what icon theme you're using, specifically 'view-grid-symbolic.svg'. Just rename the icon you want to assign as show-apps icon to 'view-grid-symbolic.svg' and place it inside 'actions' folder of your icon theme directory. For example: '~/.icons/Mine/scalable/actions/view-grid-symbolic.svg'. - Nov 06 2015
Show-apps icon reference is hard coded with the GNOME Shell and referred to the icon named 'view-grid-symbolic.svg'. Try to change your icon theme to Flattr or Super Flat Remix, then insha-allah you'll figure it out. - Nov 06 2015
This theme doesn't provide metacity window-decoration. To solve this, you could try another metacity window-decoration. I suggest "Gnomesmite" by @fabrigallim, you could find it under metacity section. - Nov 06 2015
I'm sorry but currently I don't have any plan to do Unity work. - Nov 06 2015
This theme is also applicable with Unity DE. So I don't think of any specific version for Unity. - Nov 05 2015
It's supposed to be Debian-only problem, like some other problem mentioned before about inability to display appmenu-icon correctly (see previous discussion). Even with Ubuntu 15.10 3.16 & 3.18, I didn't experience such problem. - Nov 03 2015
This is a theme for GNOME (not KDE, XFCE, etc.). No theme engine is required. What you need is A way to change the theme.
1. Visit Search for "User themes", then install it.
2. Once it's installed, you may change the theme using dconf-editor (a kind of regedit in Windows) or GNOME Tweak Tool. The second one is easier to manage. - Nov 02 2015
I'm sorry that case doesn't occur in my system (F23 G3.18.1) so that I still can't figure it out. - Oct 31 2015
Try restarting your system. Usually non-CSD window decoration needs restarting the system to display properly. - Oct 31 2015
The latest revision (3.18.m) insha-allah will fix the issue. Thanks for pointing that. - Oct 30 2015
You're welcome. - Oct 29 2015
Thanks for your appreciation.
To normalize the title size you have to:
1. gedit 'gtk-widgets-plain.css' which located in '~/.themes/White/gtk-3.0/'.
2. Then search for '.titlebar .title {'.
3. Delete the 'font-size: 110%' line.
4. Save. Close gedit. Reload the theme. - Oct 29 2015
User who doesn't prefer translucent window could rename 'gtk-widgets.css' in '~/.themes/White/gtk-3.0' to something else; then rename 'gtk-widgets-plain.css' to 'gtk-widgets.css'.

You could have read this kind of statement in the theme description. :) - Oct 28 2015
Highlight for gtk-2.0 application could be found in '~/White/gtk-2.0/gtkrc'. Find 'gtk-color-scheme', edit 'selected_bg_color' with the color you prefer (default: #4626de ; which is purplish blue; I did this for my own purpose for distinguishing gtk-2 and gtk-3 apps). - Oct 28 2015
(This issue has been solved with the latest build, insha-allah.) - Oct 25 2015
Just a moment ago, I tried applying the theme to UBUNTU GNOME 15.10 which uses GNOME 3.16, and it worked fine. Sorry but I still haven't figured the suspect of your case just yet. - Oct 25 2015
As I recall, Fedora 22 use 3.16 and not 3.18. Please make sure what version of GNOME you do use. If that's the case, I think I've crossed the line of GNOME shell 3.16-3.18 incompatibility. - Oct 25 2015
It's my pleasure to try it, insha-allah. - Oct 24 2015
It works. Thanks for your suggestion. - Oct 24 2015
The difference between 3.18 and the older versions most likely lies in Gnome Shell code. So; you if you run GNOME 3.16; you still could use the latest version of the theme. - Oct 23 2015
I'm sorry but I couldn't find a way to do that (what line should be edited to make that selected text of icon grid curved). :) - Oct 23 2015
This problem could be managed by:
1. editing 'gtkrc' under '~/.themes/White/gtk-2.0'. Find 'menucheck_prelight.png' and replace it to 'menucheck-prelight.png' (by substituting underscore with dash).
Or by
2. renaming 'menucheck-prelight.png' under '~/.themes/White/gtk-2.0/assets/Check-Radio/' to 'menucheck_prelight.png'
Sorry for the inconvenience. - Oct 23 2015
It was already done with the latest release. - Oct 20 2015
I think we just need to delete the '!important'. Actually this was just my experiment whether will be accepted by the program or not. - Oct 20 2015
[ADV] If you prefer dark theme, see also Dark Mode under GNOME Shell Theme section. (: - Oct 19 2015
You're welcome. Don't forget if you find any bug, or have any suggestion, mention it here. - Oct 18 2015
Thanks for pointing the journal. - Oct 18 2015
I'm sorry I don't use cinnamon at present.
Anyway, you could creatively put the components of this theme inside 'gnome-shell.css' into your own custom Cinnamon theme (inside the file 'cinnamon.css' or kind of). Or else if you are in a hurry, you could use alternative theme such as Zukitwo Cinnamon which closely match the overall look of this theme.
Thanks for your concern. - Oct 17 2015
I've upgraded my system to GNOME 3.18.1 just a moment ago, and the same problem as you mentioned above occurs.
Moreover, not only the panel's drop shadow, but also every box-shadow allover the shell components.
It seems the problem lies in the latest GNOME Shell version itself. - Oct 16 2015
I'm sorry that the problem you mentioned above doesn't occur in my system (F23b G3.18) so I couldn't figure the solution yet. What system do you use? Is the problem still exist? - Oct 16 2015
I'm sorry I might disappoint you. Since Mint 17.2 cinnamon only has old GNOME version backports, to make the theme compatible with it need so much works here and there.
Though thanks for your interest. - Oct 15 2015
It'll be a pleasure.
Actually your case above doesn't appear in my system (fedora 23 beta GNOME 3.18). Maybe you could state here what system you currently use.
Thanks for your participation. - Oct 11 2015
If those above too don't solve the problem, try to add '-st-icon-style: regular;' under the line of '.app-menu-icon'. But with this, appmenu will be displayed as regular icon and not the symbolic one. - Oct 11 2015
Try this:
1. gedit ~/.themes/White/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css
2. find '#appMenu {'
3. delete the line 'icon-color: black'
4. save. close gedit. restart the shell.

From the screenshots you showed, it seems like you had not download the Mine icon theme so the Mine-Yosemite weren't displayed properly. See also how to download Mine icon theme on the Mine-Yosemite description. - Oct 11 2015
Actually in White theme, the app-menu icon is disabled by default to match OS X interface.
To enable it, you have to change some lines in 'gnome-shell.css' in the theme folder (default should be '~/.themes/White/gnome-shell'). Look for line:

.app-menu-icon {
width: 0px;
height: 0px;}

Change it to:

.app-menu-icon {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;}

Don't know if it could solve your problem.
Thanks for your appreciation to the theme. - Oct 11 2015
Post your screenshot elsewhere (Google Drive or else) and give me the link, or you could just email me the screenshot. - Oct 11 2015
Could you show me some screenshots? - Oct 10 2015
You may replace the apple logo with your custom image easily. Just place your custom image to the theme folder (the default should be : ~/.themes/White/gnome-shell/) and rename it to 'distributor.svg' ; 'distributor-over.svg' ; and 'distributor-active.svg'. - Oct 08 2015
Unfortunately, there is no doubt that almost every latest GNOME or GTK releases broke previous version themes, including the new GNOME 3.18. Because of that, theme designers have to renew their theme code to match the latest version.
And again, unfortunately, GNOME team hasn't yet publicise theme creation tutorial. - Oct 03 2015

Full Icon Themes 29 comments

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Dec 13 2015
I think this issue is solved with the latest download link. - Nov 05 2015
I tried it myself extracitng the downloaded file with File-roller. It showed error but it seemed all files were extracted. Yet, you need to specify the extract point to folder Mine-Yosemite yourself by creating this folder manually.
Thanks for letting me know. - Oct 25 2015

GTK3 Themes 177 comments

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Jul 10 2019
The link provided still directing to 0.2b. - Oct 24 2015

GTK3 Themes 563 comments

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Jan 21 2020
1. Is this theme an individual project? Or is this developed by a group? (the developer must be busy to make this theme compatible with so much platforms: Cinnamon; GNOME Shell; etc.)
2. GNOME Shell theme need works: Windows 10 should use the angle of 90 degrees instead of curved corners.
3. Is it hard to join the light and dark theme together? Make it just one theme and let the users just switch from the Tweak Tool to use dark theme.
Nice work btw. - Oct 22 2015
Inspire UI GTK Theme

GTK3 Themes 4 comments

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Jul 08 2016
I couldn't find any link referring to Feren OS download. - Oct 18 2015
Lion Font

Fonts 2 comments

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Oct 28 2014
I thought the font resembles Lucida Grande. - Sep 27 2015
gnome-shell-theme-viva (blue+orange)

Gnome Shell Themes 4 comments

by viva
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Sep 28 2015
Where could I find the Railwat font? - Sep 27 2015
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9   Feb 02 2016

GTK3 Themes
by petrucci4prez

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9   Dec 09 2015
Windows 10 GTK

GTK3 Themes
by sinner59

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9   Nov 08 2015
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9   Nov 06 2015
The Theme

Metacity Themes
by mark92892

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9   Oct 11 2015
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9   Sep 27 2015
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9   Sep 27 2015