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Aug 02 2017
While the out-of-the-box version of Clearlooks has the contrast problem, I was able to get something that was usable by tuning it with Theme Configuration. However, because this app is so flaky, it would be nice to have an out-of-the-box Clearlooks that just works. - Jun 08 2017
Typo: I meant to say "contrast problem" - Jun 07 2017
I discovered that in xubuntu 17.04 there is a contract problem with pull down menus, both the main panel and the pull down menu in Thunar. The highlighted selection has too little contrast to read it. Any instructions in how to fix this would be appreciated. - Jun 07 2017
Oh, I forgot to mention that it is also the only one that has wide enough "active" borders that I can grab them and resize a window. Again, thank you very much for that!! You seem to be the only one that take usability into account. - Jun 07 2017
Clearlooks Phenix is the only theme I can find for xubuntu 17.04 Zesty that has the stepper arrows. Thank you very much for that. A slight issue: Only some of my windows have the blue scroll bar. In particular, Thunar has white scrollbars and they don't stand out particularly well. If this can be fixed I would very much appreciate it!!! - Jun 07 2017
I have been using Clearlooks Phenix for some years now, and it is the best of the bunch. However, there are a few things, which I think would make it better:
1. Make the borders where I grab it with the mouse to resize a window a little wider. Then I wouldn't have to be so accurate with the mouse to activate resizing.
2. Allow me to make the font on the main panel white. That way I can make the panel have a bright and cheerful background, and still read the print. As is I must have a light background to read the black print.
3. On app windows it seems to me a lot of space is wasted with a very wide title bar, menu bar, and toolbars. Also, the slider bars seem unnecessarily wide. I have a laptop with a small screen and every bit of space is precious.
Better yet would be to tell me how to reconfigure clearlooks-phenix 6 so that I could achieve those items. I run Xubuntu with XFCE.
- Sep 29 2016
This website discusses the problem of Indicator-Applet buttons needing to be squeezed together: . Although the developers can't agree on whether this should be done in a theme or in Indicator-Applet, they agree that it can be fixed in the theme. Would you consider adding the appropriate code to Clearlooks-Phenix 2 to bring the buttons closer together. I run Ubuntu 12.04LTS so I need the fix in Clearlooks Phenix 2. And thank you for this theme. It is the only one that I can make really work. - Mar 14 2014