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Nov 20 2014
haha oops!

yeah, that was the solution haha sorry.

I change the permissions to "read only" on "Others".

Thank you very much :) - Aug 13 2015
Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes, I put the theme on /opt/libreoffice5.0/share/config

I replaced the tango theme for this one, and nothing, and I change the name to "images_office" and LibreOffice recognize but when I selected just don't change the appearance.
- Aug 12 2015
I was using this coolest icon theme in LibreOffice 4, but I removed it and installed LibreOffice 5 and doesn't work anymore.

Instead of this icon theme, appears Galaxy icon theme, with 4 version works very good. - Aug 10 2015
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Aug 10 2015