iron nickel
Variations on Lucid Lynx

Wallpaper Other 22 comments

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Sep 13 2010
1280x1024 please - Jul 26 2010
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

Usplash Themes 198 comments

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Jun 29 2007
I haven't tried it yet as I like to understand what I am doing.

I think the 10 is actually a priority number.

I've just installed galternatives a GUI front end in Ubuntu and it shows usplash as priority 10. - Jan 01 2007
I have a general idea that the following is updating the link in /etc/alternatives and /usr/lib/usplash

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/usplash/ /usr/lib/usplash/ 10

But what is the 10 at the end of Is the command correct? - Jan 01 2007
Vibrant SVG

Individual Icons/-sets 34 comments

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Jul 11 2009
Nice work - the icons are clean, clear and fun! - Jul 24 2006
Dropline Neu!

Individual Icons/-sets 49 comments

by ertz
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May 29 2006
Fantastic, lots of work went into this.

I like the dimensional look to the folders.

How about some fancy openoffice type icons to add to the 3000 or so you've done so far!!! - Jul 07 2006
Tux G2

GDM Themes 15 comments

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May 27 2006
This is the first greeter I've installed and it looks great.

It took me a while to figure out how to install but I eventually realised that to do it I just extracted the file into any folder then installed System > Admin > Login Screen Setup the orange or green version which puts it into /usr/share/gdm/themes - May 31 2006
Chameleon Xcursors

Cursors 33 comments

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May 14 2006
These cursors look great! - May 31 2006

Cursors 291 comments

by jlue
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Aug 02 2017
I see what you mean - you've actually made a whole bunch of cursor styles.

Very professional look as well. - Apr 12 2006
Hey that's fantastic, they look great!

I simply downloaded the ComixCursors-0.4.1.tar.bz2 folder, dragged it to;


Right clicked it and extracted it to that folder.

Then went to;

System > Preferences > Mouse > Cursors

And found a whole bunch of new cursors added to the already existing Human theme (Ubuntu Breezy). They work instantly by clicking on them. I'm using a blue transparent theme at the moment.

The only thing is that I would prefer it if it extracts as one folder, e.g. ~/.icons/ComixCursors - or else it will mix with other other stuff in ~/.icons; can I change it to that?

How does System > Preferences > Mouse > Cursors know to look in ~/.icons anyway? - Apr 06 2006