Human (macOS like shell theme)

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Mar 20 2018
Hey @UMAYANGA, I have a question! If I try to enable global menu extension I get this problem: (white fonts instead of black). I tried going to gnome-shell.css to #panel and set color: black; but didn't work =// any ideas?

I can play around with my own fork of the extension here ( and trying to change stylesheet.css. (add color black into *) but then the top left icon gets messy...

Thanks! - May 15 2017

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Feb 16 2018
@paulxfce Thank you! Would it be possible if I asked for one small favor? Whenever you update the file the Download ID on gnome-look changes so I have to manually edit the script everytime. Would it be possible by any chance, to upload on Github (or any host) and then link to there from within gnome-look? That way the URL stays consistent. Thanks! - May 14 2017
Hey Paul,

I am writing a layout manager for GNOME and I like your theme. I hope you are OK with my script linking to your theme.

Here is the said script:
It is also mentioned in this page:

I added you on the credits too. Please let me know if it's fine.

Bill - Apr 28 2017