Jack Harper
United GNOME

GTK3 Themes 176 comments

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Nov 22 2017
Ubuntu logo on the launcher looks pixelated when you reduce the launcher icon sizes, I always use 32 instead of 48, but then the Ubuntu logo looks bad and pixelated. - Jun 18 2017
You should contact Canonical about your work, these should be preinstalled Gnome themes in the future releases of Ubuntu, and one of them as default, really great work :) - Jun 04 2017

GTK3 Themes 338 comments

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Apr 28 2018
This has to be one of the best GTK themes ever, really well done, excellent readability and looks beautiful as well. Any chance for an optional version with non OSX-like buttons? I know this is an OSX inspired theme, but this theme would look great even as non OSX theme with different buttons, its readability and appearance is excellent, in any case thank you for your work, it is a real pleasure to use this theme. Do you have any plans for making a Gnome shell theme? I tried many OSX inspired shell themes yet I didnt like any of them, many get the colors of the panel right, but panel menus tend to be too bright, too chaotic etc. None of them look nearly as good as your GTK theme. I am using Gnome-OSX-Light-Shell, but while it looks good it is not a clone of OSX shell theme, it is darker and transparent, but it looks good, clean lines and everything looks pretty good. I tried various other OSX inspired shell themes and all suffer from panel menus being too bright and/or too chaotic, your GTK theme has colors perfectly done and now it just needs a complementary shell theme. - Apr 25 2017