Phil Nguyen HCM, Vietnam

Cairo Clock 2 comments

Score 74%
26 Dislikes
Nov 15 2010
hey it's freakingly cute! I wonder why this one is not the highest rated, lol - Oct 23 2007
Complete Green Theme pack

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Sep 18 2007
On the whole I like this theme :) - Oct 18 2007
O, I got it. "Murrine" is another engine right? Lol i dont know anything :D - Oct 18 2007
Well, I don't understand though. When I choose "customise theme", there are 3 tabs: "control", "color", and "icons". In the "control" section, I chose "MinimaLista", which came with this theme. - Oct 10 2007

The theme is really nice, but I think there's something wrong with my settings that make the menus ugly. I mean this GTK theme only applies to my panels and taskbar. The menu, the navigation bars, tool bars, etc., all of them use the default GNOME style, except for the green color.

I tried this theme on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, if that helps.

Thank you :) - Oct 01 2007