Silver Frost

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Jun 08 2009
i just removed the windows logo from the icon theme and now it looks like it should :)

and again nice theme.
- Oct 04 2009

and MS Windows logo on About Gnome?

remove it.
- Oct 04 2009

Good icon theme and nice icons really.

But Ktorrrent from KDE as bittorrent client icon??
Looks a little bit strange in Gnome hahaha.
- Oct 04 2009
New SlicknesS Theme 2009

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by edren
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Feb 04 2009
what font do you use in the screenshot?
- Sep 14 2009
Nice theme.
But a little bit too black to fit me tho.
- Feb 07 2009
LiNsta 3 (Linux is Not Vista)

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Aug 23 2006

fishel, i used this:

class "GtkMenuBar*" style "menubar-clear"

widget_class "*MenuBar.*" style "menubar-clear"

widget_class "*Nautilus*.GtkMenuBar*" style "menubar-clear"

and then finally for Firefox and Open Office add:

widget_class "*.<GtkMenuShell>*" style "menubar-clear"

And the result becomes good. menubar-clear was a great tip.
- Sep 12 2009

saw someone asked what wallpaper it is in the screenshot, it is this one: - Sep 12 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009
This theme doesnt install right as it shall in Fedora 11 x64.
After install is complete it says that the theme cant be used because the Aurora engine isnt installed, EVEN that it is installed.

Kind of strange dont you think?
How about a rpm for Fedora x64 instead of build everything from source. RPM packages can sometimes be more easy to use.

- Sep 06 2009
Murrine Arch

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Apr 16 2009
Nice theme. Does fit my Fedora desktop perfect with black and blue colors.

By the way, why name it after another distro? It feels like the theme is locked to Arch Linux.
- Jan 25 2009
Roma orange

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Aug 27 2008

Very nice theme. Beautiful theme really!
- Aug 23 2008
LiNsta (LiNsta is Not Vista ;-)

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Jul 16 2006
Nice theme.
- Jul 15 2008
Hardy Theme

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Jun 03 2008

Do you have the 1.1 version left?

- Jun 10 2008
Fedora Core Blue

GDM Themes 3 comments

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Oct 25 2005
Its nice but the...

DMC Mandrake at the bottom of the screen?? Naaah will not use it.
Feels like it belong to someone else.
But we all think diffrent :)

But it was nice tho.
- Feb 22 2008
Dropline Neu!

Individual Icons/-sets 49 comments

by ertz
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May 29 2006

I have seen this icon-theme used in some youtubes and always wanted it myself.
And now i found it :)

Thanks, very nice icon-theme.
- Jan 20 2008
Smoked Glass v0.9.5

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Jul 31 2005
The creator i saw wrote:
- I'm still looking for a good icon set if anyone has suggestions.

What you all could do is what i did,
simply get the HumanAzul2 icon theme.
With the Smoked Glass theme up and running you go:
Smoked Glass >> Adjust >>> Icons and select the HumazAzu2 iconset.

And final,you save the whole edited Smoked Glass theme with the icons and all. This is what i did and it worked.

Here is the link for the icons: - Nov 19 2007