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Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
Absolutely my favorite theme. Any plans to make a matching GTK3 theme. My system looks awkward now with mostly Equinox but the occasional Adwaitha. (Arch is quick to adopt the next version)

Thanks. - May 04 2011

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Okay, thanks.
In the future if I found something to report, what sort of log / other information would be helpful? - Apr 28 2011
I am using r385 from bzr on Arch Linux x86_64. I don't know if this could have any effect but I did edit some of the values in the theme, but I wouldn't think the theme would have that type of control.

I maintain the dockbarx and dockbarx-bzr packages for Arch, and when I pushed a recent upgrade, I removed python-gnomecanvas and then all the gnome-panel and bonobo dependencies. Could not having one of those installed be causing this?

Thanks for your help - Apr 27 2011
I have my dockbarx as a AWN plugin in a vertical dock (Archlinux x86_64). When I have multiple windows open, and hover over the group button to see the window previews, they are spread out horizontally. Is there an option to have them spread out vertically?

Thanks so much for the program. I was afraid with GNOME2 about to go away, I wouldn't be able to use it any more, but it's so versatile, I guess I'll be able to use it some way for a long time to come. - Apr 27 2011
running 0.39.4 on ArchLinux x86_64, I get the following error when trying to pin an application as a launcher:

** ( WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'WnckWindowActions' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/dockbarx/", line 776, in on_pinned
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/dockbarx/", line 1080, in update_launchers_list
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/dockbarx/", line 404, in set_launchers_list
TypeError: value should be a string

the launchers stays available for that session, but after logout-login, the launcher is gone (the launchers key in gconf never has any value in it). - Jun 27 2010
I didn't mention in my original post, but I was running dockbarx in xfapplet in xfce4 and it didn't show the handle. When I run it in GNOME, the handle on the left was easy to click. - Feb 17 2010
Is it possible to launch the preferences window directly? It is extremely difficult to find the 1-pixel wide area on the panel you can click on to bring up the menu. - Feb 13 2010
Google Calendar Screenlet

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Nov 29 2010
I fixed it with the following patch

--- GoogleCalendar-old/ 2010-11-27 06:35:06.000000000 -0500
+++ GoogleCalendar/ 2010-12-20 21:39:51.098375189 -0500

@@ -896,9 +896,9 @@
# events pane tooltip area
if (self.showEvents and not self.autoHide) or (self.showEvents and self.autoHide and self.eventsFound):
if self.__events_area:
- self.__events_area.set_size_request(self.eventsWidth * self.scale, self.eventsHeight * self.scale)
+ self.__events_area.set_size_request(int (self.eventsWidth * self.scale), int (self.eventsHeight * self.scale))
if self.__all_area:
- self.__all_area.move(self.__events_area, self.xpos() * self.scale, self.padding * self.scale)
+ self.__all_area.move(self.__events_area, int (self.xpos() * self.scale), int (self.padding * self.scale))

- Dec 20 2010
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Jun 20 2009

Icon Themes

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Jun 20 2009

DockbarX Themes

by M7S
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Jun 20 2009