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This will be the default theme for the upcoming Linux distribution of "NightHawk Faraday". This is the only release of this theme that will be made to the public before the system is released in Q2 2008.

Credits go to DBO, creator of "Scaled_Black_Mod" for the theme that provided the basis of Purple Haze.


11 years ago

You know how Emperor Joseph II can tell Mozart his music has too many notes for the human ear to hear? Well, I'm saying this one has too many buttons. Of course, you're perfectly within your rights to disagree.

Eliminate some of the buttons, and it should be fine, of course if you like purple (which isn't one of my favorite colors, but has no impact on the theme's usability). If a user wants to sticky a window or whatever else all those things up top do, they can do it from the menu or a hotkey. Most users, such as myself, who want to sticky a window will map a key rather than fishing around for some odd icon or waiting for the tooltips to appear.

Just my $0.002. Sorry for the username, but as far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't have to register to post a comment so long as you're respectful to the author.


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