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A new theme has come from the dwarven forge hidden in the depth of my PC...

Elementary Transparent, a totally new look for your Elementary desk. Look to the maximize, minimize and close buttons - all in Elementary style! - which perfectly blend with the transparency of the titlebar. Look to the minimal menu button, which integrates with the sleekness of this simple yet impressive theme.
Look no further for transparency and hard-to-obtain integration in Metacity: the final Emerald theme for Elementary desktop has arrived.

- the classic Elementary-themed buttons which you're familiar with;
- a totally new menu button;
- the elegance and beauty of a transparent titlebar;
- perfect integration with eGTK and all Elementary themes.

Please, leave a comment! :)

Credits: titlebar taken from Aqua Aero X by Arika.
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product-maker vitoubien Mar 13 2011 9 excellent
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