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smoKe was made with the following premise: The buttons on a window should not look like appendages, but rather part of the window.

What this means is that the smoKe theme aims a creating appealing buttons for Emerald, but buttons that do not stick out from the titlebar, but do not blend in either. They, in short, should look like they are a part of the title bar, and not just stuck onto it.

This is a preview release, I want to get some feed back before I make the actual theme. It is also NOT COMPLETE!!! Only the close button has been made, and there's no glow. Thank you!

This is not complete! Please do not rate down for incompleteness (containing only the close button). Please comment on improvements for general button look. Thank you!

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13 years ago

Thanks for the comments everyone. Between everything else that has been going on, I haven't had the time to fiddle around with the glow image. I'll try and get it finished this week so I can post the full theme (everything's done except the glow on the buttons).



13 years ago

Yup,I'll keep my eyes open for this one.
Looks like a true non-Vista winner to me.



13 years ago

I like it, looks to be very true to your "buttons are part of the title bar" statement. Come to think of it I think that's why my I like my current emerald theme (solidline). The buttons are easy to pick out, but are non-intrusive. I can't offer up much for suggestions, but I can encourage you to keep up the good work ;)


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Beryl and Emerald are theme decorators used under Compiz to provide window themes.

Themes can also be used with KDE Plasma via Smaragd: