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This is the contiuation of my attempt to create a 3D dock with Docky and the result is something which is to resemble a metal plate.

This pack has six themes:

1) Noon
2) Evening
3) Night
4) Ubuntu Red
5) Mint Green
6) Kubuntu Blue

Starting with Noon)
- It is something you probably would wanna use during brighter ambiance conditions

... while Evening)
- Is a bit more mellow and could be used in most ambiances

... and Night)
- Is for someone who works during darker ambiances and/or wants a dock which is laid back and doesn\'t stick out of the screen.

-- The three R,G,B -themes are more or less just for fun but could very well be used by someone who wants a more colorful experience.

The situation with the icon reflection remains and seems to be hard-coded, if anybody knows how to alter Docky reflections so they don\'t go all the way down to the edge of the screen, please let me know :-)

- Installation instructions are included in the archive.

Enjoy these themes and let me know what you think or give thoughts/ideas if you have any.


/ HackaN
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