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GTK Theme Ichago ( combined with a Metacity theme of my own design. (Download includes all in one package renamed as SGI-IMD.) Background in screenshots comes from the 4Dwm IceWM theme. Theme does not use any images, only Metacity draw_ops.

Best if you first load the Iris icon theme pack.

If you want different colors for the active window, edit metacity-theme-1.xml and change the color value in the "active_tint" draw_ops. Note that it is alpha-blended so should be fairly bright. If you want more color, change alpha. But don't go too far or the highlights and shadows will disappear.

Tested only with Compiz and the gtk-decorator. YMMV, but let me know.

To get the title bar fonts italic, you will probably have to go into the Preferences panel and manually change the window title font. Theme uses FreeSans as the font.

Add the following to Firefox userChrome.css for Firefox menus:
* Make menu items in particular 15 pt instead of the default size:

menupopup > * {
font-size: 15pt !important

menubar, menubutton, menulist, menu, menuitem {
font-family: helvetica !important;
font-style: italic !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
font-size: 4mm !important;


9 years ago

I've been waiting ages for this to happen for GNOME! It's about time someone did this! I was always a fan of SGI's IRIX. I don't care if it's outdated, it's simply magical.

Thank you!



9 years ago

Very beautiful!
I like the old UNIX appearance.


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