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[size=3]This is not intended to be a new theme - it is my same old "Firey" theme! If you are just going to use the theme as a normal user, it is recommended you use the normal Firey releases which uses the thoroughly tested "Firey" engine that it (Firey theme) is designed for.[/size]

[size=2]This release is more or less for developers[/size] - those who wish to mod this theme to their liking. My reasoning for re-releasing the theme (with the energy engine) is this: everyone seemed to like the Firey theme, and they seemed to like moding it too, but in all honesty, it was not designed to be easy. It was designed to just work :p The Energy engine will be a benefit to those wishing to mod Firey because it removes numerous unnecessary files (buttons) saving a lot of time. It also adds features, such as potential for an independent shaded look, instead of just using the maximized bar.
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