The Ultimate Nautilus/Nemo Scripts Pack
Nautilus Scripts

The Ultimate Nautilus and Nemo Scripts Pack

Creator: Inameiname
Version: 1.1
Last modified: 19 March 2014
License: GPLv3+

This is The Ultimate Nautilus and Nemo Scripts Pack. I say this because these are scripts I have collected/tweaked/created/updated for several years. I figure it was time to finally share. Many I have found through numerous websites, while several I have written myself. Several have been taken from the various packages on the "Gnome-Look" (or its alternates) website.

Of the many I have taken from other sources, I have tweaked some for my own purposes, as well as directed some of its folders to the scripts' folders themselves. As such, so long as you have all the dependents installed, they should work as is.

To use: it is as easy as copying and pasting the scripts into your Nemo / Nautilus folders. Having used in both Nautilus and Nemo, I have included versions that should work for whichever you may use.

'/home/$USER/.gnome2/nemo-scripts' folder
'/home/$USER/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts' folder

There are approximately 1,000 scripts in this pack.

FYI, in case the generic "$USER" does not work for you, (I've not tested all the scripts with it), you can change it recursively to your $YOUR_USERNAME by using the following command:

find . -type f -exec sed -i s/'home\/$USER'/'home\/$YOUR_USERNAME'/g {} +


3 years ago

1.0: Initial Release

1.1: Updated and, among others, added, and a few others, and added a few more of my own scripts, including a couple using Peerflix for easy torrent link streaming.

2 years ago


1000 in quantity - haven't had time to go through but just wanted to say a big thank you.


2 years ago


You're welcome. I'm a big terminal and script man, so having most commands that I use at my fingertips is always handy. Anyway, just thought others might like them too.


2 years ago


Thanks for putting up the alternate links. I haven't checked the links in over 2 weeks as I've been busy. The last time that I tried accessing them I wasn't able to get anything from them. I don't know why. I did use the alternate links and was able to download a copy of both for my personal archives. I appreciate your help.


2 years ago


Sure, no problem. Glad the alternate links worked.



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