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GnoMenu Skins

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I kind of live by the philosophy that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I took the Crystal Ball clip-art that Fant0men made ( ) and coded them into start buttons for GnoMenu. Included are all the colors that you see in the screen-shot(s).

Try not to get overwhelmed at the number of files you can download. The first one listed is the pack of all 8 different buttons; the following are the individual buttons. The pack file is a archive of all the different archives, you should be able to "extract here" and see all the other archives. DO NOT try to install the buttons from the pack file, it will not work.

Please tell me if anything is wrong or if you believe it could use some work.

To Install:

Right click on GnoMenu
Select Preferences
Click on Panel Button on the left
Click on the install Icon (Looks like a plus "+" sign)
When it says theme installed, you know you're done! :D

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11 years ago

Plain, simple, perfect :) the best icons for menu.
BTW in the combo-pack in theme Fire-Opal one file has bad name: 'themedata (another copy).xml'
after change to 'themedata.xml' works ok.




11 years ago

Oops. That's very much human error on my part. I just copied the 'themedata.xml' as many times as I needed and changed the name in them as I went. Sorry that one didn't get fixed before uploading. Whenever I find time I'm going to have to fix that...



12 years ago

The aqua, smoke, and black orbs are positively exquisite. Can't decide which to use!


product-maker amorpher Dec 28 2012 9 excellent
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