Tango Eclipse Splash Screen
Gnome 2 Splash Screens
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To replace the default splash screen, replace (eclipse folder)/plugins/org.eclipse.platform*/splash.bmp with this one.

Credit to lemerou for the background and Malax for the icon.


9 years ago

Not that I am trying to bash eclipse or anything, but you should really give Geany a try. Its fast, lightweight, open-source and pretty easy to extend. It might not meet your needs, but if you have never tried it, check it out. Its in the repos ( i use ubuntu ), and you can google it and download the latest update from the SVN server. CHECK IT!!!! It's all I ever use




9 years ago

I installed it, and it's a nice editor. It doesn't have all the features I use every day in Eclipse (autocompletion, SVN integration, etc), but I will probably use it instead of GEdit for normal text editing/Python work. Thanks for pointing it out!


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