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Hello Everybody

I thought to get a bit more into Plymouth and theming... However, i found a theme called "tux-dancer" via the super-boot-manager...

Couldnt find out who did it with via Google, but still thanks...

I modified it a bit

So what Did I do ?

Took things from the Open Clipart Site, then did a background.

My next Idea was, what would fit best ?

Then I found a Bird animation .gif on the Internet... it thouht to edit it...

Didnt knew how to put .gif directly to .png, and only converts directly to .jpg...

However, this removed the transparency of the bird, but it added, don't know why a second bird in a blue colour, looks like a ghost bird...

Reminds of the game "Prey" ? :-)

So this is the reason why this theme is called NightBird

As always, there is a .deb for installing... Tested it on my Pc and worked (Ubuntu Lucid)

Sorry, no Distribution Logo

The Progressbar was removed since its often buggy on different pcs and it wouldn't have fit in in this way

I showed this theme already some people, everyone of them liked it already...

You can see it on Youtube as well

Thanks in Advance for your comments

Greez from Germany


9 years ago

My compliments , very nice .




9 years ago

Wow, thanks for your answer, im glad you like it

By the way, I had the idea to do a bootscreen of "Nyan Cat"

I already got it in Plymouth, but actually my Nyan Cat flys a bit too fast :(


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Plymouth is a bootsplash for Linux supporting animations using Direct Rendering Manager and KMS driver. It gets packed into the initrd. Besides eye-candy, Plymouth also handles user interaction during boot. Wikipedia

Installation instructions:

  1. copy YOURTHEME folder to usr/share/plymouth/themes/YOURTHEME

  2. run in terminal:

sudo plymouth-set-default-theme YOURTHEME -R