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Based on PIA08329, taken by Cassini on Sept. 15, 2006. Earth is visible in the NW quadrant of Saturn's rings. There is a matching splash screen (New Blue Dot Splash). See APOD October 16, 2006

Users of this GDM theme may wish to edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf to set
BackgroundColor and GraphicalThemedColor to be #1e1f2b


13 years ago

My workstation's name is 'nekobus'... you'll see in the screenshot that I have a custom graphic in the upper left with that name. For the default version of the theme, a label which says 'ubuntu' is used. A label for Debian is also included in the theme tarball.

In the theme directory (/usr/share/gdm/themes/gdm-new-blue-dot)
you can change the main XML file (gdm-new-blue-dot.xml) to refer to a different graphic. It would also be easy to use the GIMP to create a new graphic to put there -- your own hostname, for instance. It would be best if the newly created graphic were no wider than 150 pixels and no taller than 50 pixels.

Don't forget: you can get a matching splash screen from this same site (New Blue Dot Splash). Also, for completeness you may wish to change the default background color used by your display manager. I found #1e1f2b worked well.


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