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Parsix GNU/Linux is a highly innovative distribution based on Debian Testing. This Stunning Gnome GDM logon theme for Parsix GNE/Linux reveals it really is a gift from ancient Persia. This theme is based on the magnificent artwork created by the ancient Persians themselves. This GDM theme looks striking and professional on any recent Parsix GNU/Linux version from 1.0 to 1.5x

Save the file to your home directory. The GDM theme is a tar.gz archive ready to install.

To install the GDM theme, go to the Gnome menu; navigate to Administration --> Login Window. Click the tab for 'Local' then click the 'add' button. Navigate to where you saved the tarball. Click the little circle radio button adjacent to the theme's screenshot.

Enjoy the Theme (and provide feedback)

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11 years ago

1.0.0 Create Parsix-Persion GDM theme

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11 years ago

1.0.0 Create Parsix-Persion GDM theme

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